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Being that this weekend is the 24in48 Readathon, I'm hoping to get a lot of reading in.  Being that I have the weekend off to spend time reading, I'm quite ecstatic!

Roll #30 brought me to a new to me game space, Electric Company, in which I chose to read a book where the author's first and last name contained all the letters in 'Tesla.'  The book I chose was The Pretender by Celeste Bradley, which is counted at 384 pages (Kindle version), even though my Scribd e-book version for some reason counted 455 pages--it certainly felt like it was over 400 pages long.  But since all the sources I can find place The Pretender's page count within the 300s range, I will go with the Kindle version of 384, for a $6.00 cash award--no location multiplier in play.


The Pretender had a rocky start, but as the book progressed, I'm delighted, and pleasantly surprised, to find that I was quite entertained.  A review will be posted soon.


Meanwhile, I am still reading Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle as my most recent Free Friday read.  I have no doubts that I will actually finish reading this book quite quickly, and will enjoy it, unlike the last Free Friday read that didn't quite make it and successfully became my very first DNF for the year.

Here is my Roll #31:

I rolled a 6 and landed on Main Street 10--a square I've landed on before, but previous to the Big Game Shake Up.  So there will be no location multiplier applied this round.  Darn!


With the clearing of the board, Magnetic Monkey has gone back into his relaxed mode.  We're all probably just glad that we managed to slip past the 'Go to Jail' space.

I would have liked to land on a space that could have gotten me started on the Steele Street books, but since the next book in this series takes place outside of the U.S. of A., I knew I wasn't going to be able to make it count... unless our main characters returned to the small town in Colorado that the Steele Street boys are based out of, but even then, it might be pushing it since I have a feeling that setting would only be about a chapter or two.

No, I'll play by the rules rather than trying to manipulate them in my favor... *sigh*

And, of course, since I'm stubborn as heck, I've decided to read a book that won't satisfy my COYER challenge--even though I've been determined to do as much since the challenge only lasts until September.  Instead, I'll be reading the next book in Jill Shalvis's Lucky Harbor series.  At the very least, it will put me closer to finishing the series for my own Personal Series Challenge, and it also counts towards the year-long Author Love Challenge.

And also, I just want to read it because it's a library book I checked out on a whim while I was there and should really get it read so I can get it turned in.


Jill Shalvis is usually my go to for any and all books that take place in a small town in the U.S.A., since most of her contemporaries are set in small towns.  Always on My Mind is set in a small Washington state town called Lucky Harbor, and is set at 318 pages, paperback, giving me a +$6.00 cash award.

Current Bank:   $227