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Roll #22 was a two-fold roll, netting one set of doubles.



  • Roll #22.1:  Rolled a double 4 = 8, and landed on Start Space.
    • Start Space says: "Read any book!"
    • Read Pushing the Line for 122 pages = $4.00, increasing bank to $119.
    • A review will be posted soon.  A very enjoyable, yet short and sweet romance with great characters.  I just wish the story had been a little bit longer.
  • Roll #22.2:  Rolled a 9, and landed on Fantasyland 9.
    • Read Her Wild Hero for 334 pages = $6.00, increasing bank to $125.
    • Book is tagged 'fantasy' at GR; book about shifters.
    • A review will be posted soon.  But much like the two books previous, this was super enjoyable and super steamy.  And there are a lot of explosions and gunfire and blood.

And now Roll #23:


I rolled a 4, which brings me to a BL Square (12).


It's another day, another roll, and everyone's excited!

Landing on the BL Square means that I roll again to figure out which task I need to do.  So with my nifty smart phone dice roller app, I roll:


There a bit of a glare, but the top of the screen clearly states that I rolled BL Task #1:

"Let a BL friend choose your book!  Post a list of 4 books - first one to comment chooses your next read."

So with COYER Summer Reading List in mind, specifically how this week is the "Read e-books only" readathon, I went through my Reading List and picked four e-books to choose from:


Secret Agent Secretary by Melissa Cutler is the second book in a trilogy I started this year.  A Harlequin Romantic Suspense involving ICE agents and some missions.  The book is 248 pages.

Midnight Exposure by Melinda Leigh is the first book of a Romantic Suspense crime thriller series.  There is murder, a snow storm, lost hikers, a photojournalist, and an ex-homicide detective involved.  This book is 315 pages.  And apparently a new cover from what was previously published...

Her Fierce Warrior by Paige Tyler is the fourth book of a Paranormal Military Romantic Suspense.  We've got shifters, and government conspiracies, and romance.  Oh my!  This book is 322 pages.

Heat Wave is an anthology collection of three stories by Stephanie Bond, Leslie Kelly, and Heidi Betts.  Contemporary romances, and sun, and fun sounds like a blast!  This book is 320 pages.

Whichever book gets chosen, I will end up earning $6.00!  Which will bring my Bank Balance to $131!  I feel like I maybe should start doing stuff with this money.

Current Bank:   $125