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I will be tracking all of my progress at the page linked above.


With a starting bank of $20.00, I make my first roll.  And I rolled a little early because I got a bit excited, and everyone else is also rolling...



... but I will not start my first read until the official start of the game.  I just wanted a head start on figuring out what I wanted to read for my first roll/game card.  As you can see above, I rolled an 8, and so ended up on Mystery Square 8.

I'm editing in a "live board game" into this post... because I can:


I know it's nothing fancy.  But I'd been trying to figure out how to keep track of where my marker is without having to refer back to my posts or personal notes, and suddenly had an inspirational moment when I looked up from my desk and saw my whiteboard and all the magnets I possess.

As you can see, the Teddy Bear magnet will be my place marker... and sort of resembles a Monopoly marker... maybe.  And because you can't really see it in the picture, Teddy Bear's tummy presents a neon silhouette of the big Ferris wheel at The Island, Pigeon Forge.  Also, I apologize for the glare on the upper left hand corner on my "I'd rather be Reading" magnet badge.

Anyway, the book I will be reading is:


I'd been planning on reading this book anyway, and have just checked it out from the library, so it's perfect!  It is tagged as 'mystery' on GR.

The Kindle book I'm reading lists 345 pages, so when I finish reading this book, I will be adding $3.00 to my bank, for a total of $23.00.

Current Bank:  $20.00