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Following on the tails of my Fifth Roll, I decided to separate out this post so things don't look so cluttered.  I tend to over-ramble already anyway and I'm sure everyone will probably get tired of my long-winded story-like posts for each roll.  And then this post ended up being longer than I expected, so stay tuned for another update post later for the books I will be reading!

Anyway, as decreed by Moonlight Reader this fine morning, in celebration of Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon, we are all being granted three extra rolls!  I'm super excited, since, seeing everyone else's updates, I'm lagging far behind, especially after landing on the Jail Visitor Square on one roll, and then landing directly in BL-opoly Jail the next.

My overall running updates since the first roll are at the very end of this post.

Essentially, today is the day to establish three more books to read, with three extra rolls, and going by the announcement, if you land on a square that doesn't give you a book to read, you get to roll again and not have it count against the three extra rolls.

Then, read or not, it's up to you, but you get a chance to pick up three more books to read.  I'm totally up for it, even if I'm not sure if I'll be able to read all three books I end up getting.  But at least I'll have that choice and can play catch up with my Bank Balance.  As a question was answered, we don't have to read all the books on Dewey's Read-a-thon day to count, which I'm glad about, because I definitely won't be able to finish all these books in one day, that's for sure.

I'm personally not really participating in the 24 hour thon, myself, but I'm very happy that we don't have to be participating to have the three extra rolls!!

Once again thank you to Moonlight and Obsidian for this fine game, and thanks for the new extra rolls today!

Here is my Read-a-thon Day 3 Freebie Rolls:

My First Freebie Roll, Roll #6.1 & #6.2:  Ended up being a Doubles roll first, so I rolled again.



For the First Read-a-thon Extra Roll (Roll #6.1 & #6.2), I first landed on Main Street Station 3 after rolling a Double 12; and since I rolled doubles, I rolled again and landed on Main Street 11.

Follow my progress live:


And Magnetic Monkey might be getting a little out of control...  But hey, he's having fun, right?  He's been sitting in the visitor square with Teddy Bear the entire time we've been in Jail, so I'll cut him some slack.

My Second Freebie Roll, Roll #7:


I rolled a 6 and ended up on Carsland 16.


So, for some reason, I couldn't get Teddy Bear game piece to stay on the space.  He kept sliding and I just hope that his magnet isn't losing juice.  Fortunately, Magnetic Monkey, hanging around as usual, decided to give his pal a hand and made a ledge for him to sit on.  Friends are great!!

My Third Freebie Roll, Roll #8:


Water Works Space Says:  "Read a book with water on the cover or where someone turns on the waterworks (i.e. cries) because of an emotional event.


We finally stop on Water Works after a last roll of 8.  And Magnetic Monkey looks like he's finally worn out from all the activity, so maybe it'll be quiet for a while.

Meanwhile, it looks like I've got some decisions to make, two of which I've already made.  Like, for instance, I'm probably not going to read a book for Main Street Station, as I can't really think of a book that meets those criteria off the top of my head.  However, I already know what I want to read for Water Works as well as Main Street 11.  I will still have some thinking for Cars Land 16.

Once again, stay tuned for an update on what I will be reading for all of these game square tasks.  Chances are, I may only choose two books, though I'd hate to squander these rolls.  These seem to be my best rolls yet, as I've landed on two squares that I really needed to use!

Current Bank:   $30.00

  • Roll #1 (4/15):  A Perilous Undertaking by Deanna Raybourn / 345 pages = $3.00
  • Roll #2 (4/17):  The Paris Assignment by Addison Fox / 284 pages = $3.00
  • Roll #3 (4/21):  False Memory by Dean Koontz // Donated 200 pages ($2.00) to the Jail Library
  • Roll #4 (4/23):  Rolled three doubles, ended up in Jail. / Total of $4.00 Earned
    • #4.1:  Schoolgirl by DAZAI Osamu / 50 pages = $1.00
    • #4.2:  Don't Look Away by Leslie A. Kelly / 323 pages = $3.00
    • #4.3:  300 pages of sentence to be served // 332 pages read total
      • Storming the Castle by Eloisa James // 138 pages served
      • False Memory by Dean Koontz // 194 pages served
  • Roll #5 (4/29):  In progress