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So it took a little while to get to my next roll, but here I am, finally.  Having rolled three doubles on April 23rd, I ended up landing on two regular game task spaces, then BL-opoly Jail.  This is quite ironic (is that the correct usage of that word), since I'd just landed in the Jail Visitor Square (same square, different purpose), on the roll previous and read 214 pages of a book, donating 200 pages to the Prison Library.


So I decided to just go ahead and read books for all of the game spaces I landed on.  For a full summary, read my post for Fourth Roll Activities.

And here's a very simple, basic summary of what happened:


  • Roll #4.1:  Rolled a Double 3 = 6 and landed on Adventureland 24.
    • Read Schoolgirl for 50 pages = $1.00, increasing Bank to $27.00.
  • Roll #4.2:  Rolled a Double 6 = 12 and landed on Mystery Square 35.
    • Read Don't Look Away for 323 pages = $3.00, increasing Bank to $30.00.


  • Roll #4.3:  Rolled another Double 3 = 6 and went straight to BL-opoly Jail.
    • Listened to Storming the Castle, clocked at approx. 3 hours, at a book page equivalent of 138 pages.
    • Finished reading last 194 pages of False Memory.
    • Both reads totaled 332 pages, fulfilling the 300 page jail sentence to be served!

With the new, modified rules, as decreed by Moonlight Reader, we are now allowed to roll outside of odd numbered days as long it wasn't just yesterday that you rolled.  So you can only roll as frequently as every other day, but you don't have to wait for an odd numbered day.  I was hoping I'd finish my read early and be able to roll yesterday, which would have been fine since I hadn't rolled since 4/23, almost six days ago.  But that didn't happen, so I am rolling today, finally.

Here is my fifth roll:



I rolled an 11, and since I've been sitting pretty in BL-opoly Jail for a while now, I will move from there, landing myself on Paradise Pier 28.


We're all excited to be out of Jail, as well as finished with a long, dragging read.  Magnetic Monkey is doing his happy twirl, and Teddy Bear game piece is... well, he's just hanging there, but take me word on it that he's quite excited.

I'm not entirely certain I know what book I want to pick for this space.  I'm not entirely familiar with the Victorian era and what books would work, nor have I ever really been too interested in steampunk.  So I'm going to use a Goodreads Victorian Romance page I stumbled across to see what I can find that would interest me.

There are a bunch of Sherry Thomas books from my own TBR listed as Victorian, though I'm not sure if I'm feeling Sherry Thomas at this moment...  Maybe a new author?

That being said, is there a way to tell if a book is Victorian era if the author doesn't include a year at the beginning of the book?  I know some historicals have a time setting presented on the first chapter, but I don't think they all do.

However, I am very much considering that new Sherry Thomas book, A Study in Scarlet Women, which I believe takes place during this time period.  Going to check and see and make my decisions.

Otherwise, I might just skip this space since, with Moonlight's newest Read-a-thon Day announcement, I've got three other freebie rolls I can make anyway.

More updates to follow soon.  I'm going to establish all of my rolls for today first.  Stay tuned for another, separate post.

Current Bank:   $30.00

  • Roll #1 (4/15):  A Perilous Undertaking by Deanna Raybourn / 345 pages = $3.00
  • Roll #2 (4/17):  The Paris Assignment by Addison Fox / 284 pages = $3.00
  • Roll #3 (4/21):  False Memory by Dean Koontz // Donated 200 pages ($2.00) to the Jail Library
  • Roll #4 (4/23):  Rolled three doubles, ended up in Jail. / Total of $4.00 Earned
    • #4.1:  Schoolgirl by DAZAI Osamu / 50 pages = $1.00
    • #4.2:  Don't Look Away by Leslie A. Kelly / 323 pages = $3.00
    • #4.3:  300 pages of sentence to be served // 332 pages read total
      • Storming the Castle by Eloisa James // 138 pages served
      • False Memory by Dean Koontz // 194 pages served