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For Roll #21, I landed on The Monorail where I ended up choosing The Manhattan Encounter by Addison Fox, and successfully ticked off two of the three listed criteria (see game space below).  On top of that, completing this book also adds to my Personal Series Challenge, being the last book in a series I needed to finish.

The Manhattan Encounter is 283 pages = $6.00, which brings my Bank to $115.00!


Enjoyable, but not all that memorable.  I'm not sure how I liked The Manhattan Encounter, but it had all the makings of a fast-paced action sequence with a lot of gunfire and explosions... well, not really that much, but it felt like there had been.

A review will be forthcoming.

And now Roll #22:


From The Monorail (29), I rolled a double 4 = 8 and moved to the Start Space: Read any book!


Peek-a-Boo Penni:  "I want to help!"

It's a quiet early, early morning on the board.  Teddy Bear's magnet is starting to give out and now he just slides right down the board.  Thank you for holding him up, Penni!  Because Monkey seems a bit subdued, and I suspect it's because he's been doing so many cartwheels.

Since I rolled a double, I rolled again (#22.2):


Rolling a 9, I move from Start Space to Fantasyland 9.


It's a gathering.  Key Chain Puppy has come to visit, though we suspect that she's just here to sniff at Teddy Bear.

These are new squares I've never landed on before.


For the Start Space, I decided to just do a random select from the books on my COYER Summer Reading List, mainly an e-book since the COYER "read e-books only" readathon is currently taking place.  A random draw got me Pushing the Line by Kimberly Kincaid; a short novella of 122 pages, and fourth book in The Line series.  This book will be worth $4.00.

As for the Fantasyland 9 Space, I have a few options I'm thinking about, though not quite sure what I want to select.  After some thought, I decided to go with Her Wild Hero by Paige Tyler, a book I'd been wanting to read since I read the first two books in her X-ops series and liked it.  The book is about shifters and is tagged 'fantasy' on GR.  At 334 pages, Her Wild Hero will be worth $6.00.

Upon completion of both books, my Bank Balance will increase to $125.

Current Bank:   $115.00