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After an exciting Memorial Day Weekend with extra rolls and all, I finally finished reading all of my books!  It took a little longer than I'd been expecting--all the books I chose were easy books to read, and enjoyable in their own ways.  But then I started reading The Heiress Effect--NOT a BLopoly book! Gasp!!--for whatever reason and got sucked into it, so Once a Thief got set aside; so I made myself finish it before starting a new book, because I wanted to roll again.  =P

So events were as follows:

Memorial Weekend Extra Rolls:


  • Roll #14:  Rolled a 7 and landed on Tomorrowland 33.
    • Read Obsidian Prey for 351 pages = $3.00, increasing bank to $64.00.
    • Obsidian Prey is tagged as 'science fiction' on GR, and the setting is in space.
    • Click on book title above to see my review
  • Roll #15:  Rolled a five and landed on Frontierland 1.
    • Read The Rome Affair for 284 pages = $3.00, increasing bank to $70.00.
    • I finished this book a day after my Roll #16.1 book, Rumor Has It.
    • Title of book begins with a letter found in the word 'Frontier.'
    • There will be a review forthcoming that I think I'm just going to bundle together with the last book in the series.  As far as my thoughts on this book, though, I unfortunately didn't enjoy it as much as I'd been hoping--things could have been better.
Regular Game Play Rolls:


  • Roll #16.1:  Rolled a Double 5 = 10, and landed on Main Street 10.
    • Read Rumor Has It for 281 pages = $3.00, increasing bank to $67.00.
    • I finished this book a day before my Roll #15 book, The Rome Affair.
    • Book's setting is in a small town in the U.S.A.
    • Click book titled to see review.
  • Roll #16.2:  Rolled a 5 and landed on Luxury Tax.
    • Read Once a Thief for 326 pages = $3.00, increasing bank to $73.00.
    • There is a character who is a millionaire/billionaire.
    • There will be a review forthcoming that I want to bundle into a duology series review with the second book, Always a Thief.  Truth be told, this book wasn't that great and I wish it hadn't dragged as much; but since there are so many loose ends, I know I'm going to end up reading the second book--especially since I badly want to post a review titled 'Once a Thief, Always a Thief.'  Priorities, you know...

Since the last game space I had landed on was Luxury Tax, I will move forward from there.

And now Roll #17:



Rolling a 6, I landed on BL Square (20), which requires me to roll another die in order to pick one of twelve BL Square Tasks.


Hmm... well, I'm not sure what Monkey's doing...  But I DO know, after uploading this photo, that I've left the right-hand side of the board a little empty, maybe erasing the previous roll stats a little too early... and forgetting to write in my roll date, which is 6/6.  Let's pretend I did.

Anyway...  Moving along...


I rolled a 12 for the BL Task:  "Let the wheel decide - spin the wheel to pick your next "land" and choose any property in the land for your next book!"


Here's a confession:  I've embedded the BL Wheel Decide into my own blog for easy access.  And every time I happen upon my BL-opoly Summary Page to update my progress, I'll scroll to the bottom of the page and spin the wheel... just to see and hear it spin.  I've done this on several occasions because it makes me smile; so imagine how ecstatic I got when I realized I actually got to spin it for real!

Is that strange?

Anyway, as seen above, we've spun the wheel and ended up on Paradise Pier, which is actually really great luck because I've got a whole long list of possible books for all three game squares.  The hard part was actually trying to decide which property to choose and which book I really felt like reading at the moment... and those choices probably amounted to about ten different possible books.


So... I let my nifty Dice Roller App decide, by changing the die to a D3, then assigning the numbers 1, 2, and 3 to each square in order, and letting it roll.  I'm not picturing it here, because it's inconsequential since I was actually quite relieved it gave me a '1', for Paradise Pier 28--if I had ended up rolling a '2' for Paradise Pier 30, it would have been another headache of choosing a book because I've got about 30+ possibilities.

I've landed on Paradise Pier 28 before, and found my first 5-Star Read of 2017, thus leading me to decide to choose the Brothers Sinister series for another challenge that started this month in June.

Long story short:



I will be reading the third Brothers Sinister book, The Countess Conspiracy by Courtney Milan, a book that is set during Victoria's reign, opening up in 1867.  Truthfully, for some reason, I'm not looking forward to this book as much as I'd been the previous book, The Heiress Effect (which, as stated above, I successfully devoured in less than 24 hours, thus side-tracking my progress on Once a Thief for a couple days).

But I made a commitment to finish reading Brothers Sinister for the Can You Read a Series in a Month? Challenge, and so why not make it count for two different challenges?

The Countess Conspiracy is 318 pages, for a reward of $3.00, which will bring my Bank to $76.00, upon completion.


Let's not forget to move Teddy Bear to the proper game square!

Current Bank:   $73.00