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Roll #17 brought me to a BL Square, where I ended up with the BL Task to spin the Wheel Decide, which lead me to eventually choosing a game space from Paradise Pier to land on.  Yeah, it was a bit of a complex roll, #17 was.

Long story short, from the Paradise Pier lands, I couldn't decide which game space to pick, so I again did a random select and got Paradise Pier 28.  From here, I went with Courtney Milan's The Countess Conspiracy, which is set in Victorian times, to count for the square.  This bagged me 318 pages = $3.00, which brings my Bank Balance to $76.00.


The book was as enjoyable and delightful as the previous two books in the Brothers Sinister series... though I can't help but think it was missing something.  Violet and Sebastian were great as friends, but romance-wise, the build-up and development to their love story was a bit frustrating.  A review will be forthcoming, of course.

And now Roll #18:



Moving forward from Paradise Pier 28, I went 7 spaces and landed on Mystery Square 35.


It's a rather quiet early morning/night on the board, and Magnetic Monkey, amidst trying to keep Teddy Bear from sliding off the board, is also having Peek-a-boo Penni over as company.  Good times!

Meanwhile, I'm actually kind of happy to land on this space (I've been here before), not only because there are so many possibilities with all the crime thrillers I read, but also because there is one particular book I'd been wanting to pick up so I could finish off the duology:


Don't Ever Stop by Leslie A. Kelly is the second and final (maybe?) book in the Veronica Sloan series.  Our MC, Veronica, is a police detective.  The book is set at 281 pages (Kindle), worth $3.00.  This will bring my Bank to $79.00 upon completion, and will also allow me to knock one series off my TBR!  Well... at least until Leslie Kelly decides to add another book to the series...



Current Bank:   $76.00

  • Roll #17 (6/6):  The Countess Conspiracy by Courtney Milan / 318 pages = $3.00