June was an extremely slow reading month for me.  It probably didn't help that a lot of things happened in RL along with my encountering several books that I just couldn't get into.  Also, I went and purchased all of Pamela Clare's I-Team books via Audible (with Whispersync) so that I could listen to them during my drive to work as well as while working out at the gym.  Which was fine except then I would settle at my desk before going to sleep and continue to listen to them while mindlessly playing Facebook games.


Needless to say, I spent more time listening to books I've already read rather than reading books I needed to finish reading.  Then again, this tends to happen when I come across books that I am just NOT enjoying--I try to find other things to do.  Because, as we've already discussed before, I don't like dropping books if I can help it.


And I already dropped one book.  Sort of.  It's on an ON HOLD list, but it's as good as dropped, if I really want to be technical about it. 



Books Read

Audio book:


Other books:



Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris


Snapped by Laura Griffin

Suddenly One Summer by Julie James

Wife By Wednesday by Catherine Bybee

Die For Me: A Novel of the Valentine Killer by Cynthia Eden


Twisted by Laura Griffin

Promised by Caragh M. O'Brien

Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

5 to 1 by Holly Bodger


Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Rook by Sharon Cameron

11 by Kylie Brant 

Also Known As by Robin Benway


Crazy Cool by Tara Janzen



Books Dropped/On Hold


An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir



Reviews & Notable Posts

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Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris

Suddenly One Summer by Julie James

Promised by Caragh M. O'Brien

Snapped by Laura Griffin

Twisted by Laura Griffin

Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

Crazy Cool by Tara Janzen

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Also Known As by Robin Benway

Rook by Sharon Cameron


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Reading Wrap-Up

14 books total were read in June.  One was an audiobook I finished listening to at the beginning of the month that I had listened to the bulk of in May:  Neil Patrick Harris's Choose Your Own Autobiography.  The rest were full-length novels, though at least two of them were fairly short for a full-length novel and might as well have been novellas... 


  • Series I started reading in June:

For Me by Cynthia Eden

Weekday Brides by Catherine Bybee

Heather Wells by Meg Cabot

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Also Known As by Robin Benway


  • Series I completed in June:

Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien -- 3 book series completed


  • Series I have made progress on in June:

Tracers by Laura Griffin 

Steele Street by Tara Janzen



My favorite books read in June included, of course, Neil Patrick Harris' autobiography that I've been fangirling about.  Then there's Julie James' Suddenly One Summer because she's Julie James and she's great and the characters are fabulous!  I also enjoyed the two Tracers books I read, 11 by Kylie Brant, and Also Known As by Robin Benway.  Even though the book was more crazy than it was good, I was strangely addicted to the fun that was Crazy Cool by Tara Janzen.


I was a bit disappointed in fewer books than I thought.  While I had trouble finishing three particular books--An Ember in the Ashes, Rook, Promised--only one got dropped and I was actually not all that disappointed in Rook because I'm not sure if I really had much expectations for it in the first place; it turned out good even if it started off slow and had random tangents that needed smoothing out.  Promised turned out as expected.  Die For Me wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I had been looking forward to considering how much I enjoyed Cynthia Eden's Deadly series.


The rest of the books I read weren't exactly highly hyped by myself, and were pretty mediocre, so it's not like life was tough or anything.  5 to 1 was pleasantly surprising, but I wouldn't say that I loved it or anything.




Currently Reading



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Original 2015 Reading Challenge Post


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Goodreads Reading Challenge -- GR list/shelf

BookLikes Reading Challenge -- BL list/shelf

My Goal:  150 books

Progress:  95/150 books read



  • Outdo Yourself Challenge

2015 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

Hosted by Book Vixen

My Goal:  Getting My Heart Rate Up: read 1 - 5 more books

(I read 154 books for this challenge in 2014 / My goal will be 155 - 159 books in 2015.)

My Progress:  86/155

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My 2015 The Series That Never Ends Challenge Summary Post

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1) Surviving the Book Tsunami -- 5-9 books -- COMPLETED 6/1/2015

2) Removing the Thorn From My Side -- 10-15 books

My Progress: 10/15 books

Listed Series Goals Completed:  1/3

See: 2015 Series Never Ends Challenge shelf for book list



Final Thoughts

June could have been better--running into reading slumps is definitely no fun, and it almost always happens whenever I happen upon any book that I can't seem to get into at all.  I don't like dropping books, as I'd stated in an earlier post, and so I let the book drag on for a long time before finally giving it the boot, or hunkering down and finishing it.  The reading challenges I'm participating in are a pretty good motivator to get me to reading and finishing books I'd rather not read given my mood.  I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.


But one thing I DO know for sure: I'm choosing my pre-chosen reading challenge lists a little more carefully next year.


Something else important that I learned:  I really shouldn't start listening to audio books of books that I have previously loved while I'm in a reading slump.  Pamela Clare and her I-Team books might have kept me moving on my fitness goals (I've discovered that listening to books while working out keeps me distracted enough that I'm not always checking my time and wondering when I can stop and go home), but they also managed to distract me from finishing books that I needed to be reading.  For that reason alone, I chose to leave all five of the I-Team books off of my "Books Read in June"--I mean, I already read them about two years ago, so it just didn't seem fair.


Logic--there is no such thing, right?



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