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Top Ten Books on My 2015 Summer TBR


I am surprisingly still in the midst of trying to rearrange my TBR for the coming few months this summer season.  I've got a ton of books that I want to read, of course, but I think I might have hit that point where I'm slightly overwhelmed with choosing what I want to read in the near future.


And just as well, there aren't many new releases this summer that I am looking forward to.  I've already read Suddenly One Summer (and it was fabulous!), so that book is officially off my TBR.  I've recently cut one new release for this summer off of my list due to some very unflattering reviews--maybe I'll pick it up just for kicks in the future... maybe not.


Otherwise, I'm really only listing the books I definitely want to be reading in the next few weeks up to the end of the summer season.



TBR Books Pre-chosen for Reading Challenges


Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper

Blood Sins by Kay Hooper

Blood Ties by Kay Hooper

Quicksilver by R.J. Anderson


I am to read four books a month from my Reading Assignment list and these are the four I have chosen (so far) that I am most looking forward to reading.  In fact, I'm still being a little wishy-washy about assigning the rest of my Reading Assignment books to specific months.  Some of the books I have chosen for my Reading Assignment are slightly 'meh' to me right now, in light of all the other books I want to read that are NOT on this list.


Go figure.



Personal TBR Choices

 The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya by Nagaru Tanigawa

11 by Kylie Brant

Frozen Heat by Richard Castle

Echoes At Dawn by Maya Banks


The above selection is completely random... yet at the same time not quite so.  I truly want to finish reading the Haruhi Suzumiya books and so in order to do so, I keep telling myself to make time to read the next book, so I'm dumping The Wavering onto my list and crossing my fingers and hoping that I can make time for it.  The same goes for Frozen Heat, but for some other reasons as well--the most recently published Nikki Heat book is part of my Reading Assignment challenge (of which I stupidly thought, "Hey, I'm getting into these, I'll be able to knock that last book out this year, no problem!") and so now I feel obligated to read the rest of the Nikki Heat books as soon as I can get to them so that I can make my way to that last Nikki Heat book.


I honestly have a bad feeling about that...


As for 11 and Echoes at Dawn, I just really, really want to read these two books, SO badly!  I'm making a dent in my June TBR, and making some room.  And I also need to find time to run to the library to pick up Echoes at Dawn so that I actually have it in my hand and can read it.



Brand New TBR Releases This Summer

Hidden Huntress by Danielle L. Jensen

Secrets of the Dead by Kylie Brant


Hidden Huntress was on my Spring TBR because I got the reading seasons slightly mixed up.  But no matter, it will be on my Summer TBR now and will get read when I can squeeze it into my reading list this summer.


Secrets of the Dead will get read when it is published.  That is all.  Because Mindhunters!



Honorable Mentions

Scarlett Undercover by Jennifer Latham

The Leveller by Julia Durango


by Laura Griffin






That is pretty much it for my Summer TBR.  I'm actually a little surprised that it was harder to put together this list than I had thought, what with there being fewer new releases I am looking forward to and more books on my reading list I want to read than ever.  But that's the problem, isn't it?  There are just so many books that I want to read that I have issues trying to decide what book to read next... or even in the next few days or weeks.



Ani's First World Bookish Problems #12:  The overwhelming feeling of not knowing what book to read because there are so many choices, lots of lists, and so many, many reasons why certain books MUST be read first.