Silent Night - C J Kyle

And my library holds pinged once more with a new e-read recommendation I placed last week being fulfilled rather quickly.  And now I'm rearranging my reading list again.  I had been planning to read Magonia until I could get my hands on Kylie Brant's newest Mindhunters book, Secrets of the Dead, available for purchase on Kindle today.


But I checked out Silent Night first and started reading it first and now I can't decide whether I want to start reading Secrets of the Dead before finishing Silent Night, because: Kylie Brant!  Or if I want to just finish Silent Night first before starting Secrets of the Dead just to stay on track.


Problem is, I want to read BOTH books.


Ani's First World Bookish Problems #6:  I cannot read multiple books simultaneously.


... or can I?


I DO have multiple books being read concurrently, but it's not like I really CAN read two different books at the exact same time.  I will typically read one book if I can't read the other book at any given moment.  Or I will start one book and then get bored and then start another book, then come back to that book later.



Anyway...  I suppose I'll just do a book draw or throw some die and let fate decide what I do.  Or something like that.



Silent Night is pretty intriguing so far, and I've only just read the prologue.  I guess I hadn't really been expecting something so gory or bloody within the first few pages, but something bloody and gory happened, so there we go.  I know how I'm always complaining about how some books start slow and a lot of murders don't happen until halfway into the book... Well, I'm not complaining this time.


I just hadn't expected the murder to be so detailed to start with.


Lots of good reviews have praised this debut book by C.J. Kyle as highly enjoyable, suspenseful, intriguing, and written well, so I have high hopes.