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I'm not really big on making resolutions for each new year.  I did it once before in high school, and even though I don't really remember what resolutions I made, I know I didn't follow through... something about writing in a journal every day even if it was just the most trivial matter like: "I had chocolate chip waffles today."


But I'm going to try this challenge this year... because I'm not obsessive compulsive enough about all of my other challenges and book lists and book spreadsheets.




The point of this challenge is to set some goals and accomplish them for the new year.


  • There are 3 Main Goals:  Reading Goals, Blogging Goals, and Personal Goals.
  • You must choose at least two of the three and then set at least 1 sub-goal for each main goal.  Blogging Goals require a minimum of 3 sub-goals.
  • On the 30th of each month (29th for February), you must post an update on how your goals are progressing.


For more details go to the sign-up post at the top of this page.


This is not going to be an easy challenge.  And to be totally honest, I'm not even sure I will be able to complete it to 100%.  But I'm going to set my goals and I'm going to try and I'm going to do what I can to complete these goals.


And to be honest, I have more faith in completing my Reading Goals than I do for the other two Main Goals.  But I feel like it's high time I started holding myself accountable for certain declarations I make at random throughout the year (i.e., working out regularly, losing weight, cooking more often, learning new recipes, keeping in contact with friends, or reorganizing my life in general).


I've slacked off long enough.


All 2016 Bookish Resolution Monthly Progress Update posts will be listed at the end of this blog post.



Blogging Goals

 - 1 - Participate in at least 50% of the Top Ten Tuesdays meme (@ The Broke and the Bookish) topics for 2016--that's 26 of the TTT topics.  The number is low, but I'm trying to be realistic about this one.  For 2015, due to Real Life obligations, I gave up the TTT meme in the middle of the year...


I also will be tracking all of my TTTs at a separate link here where I've already been listing all past TTTs--newest Top Tens will be added towards the bottom of the list, grouped by month.


Running Total:  7 Top Ten Tuesday posts written 


Jan:  3 TTTs | Feb:  2 TTTs | Mar:  1 TTTs | Apr:  1 TTTs



 - 2 - Continue to post Monthly Reading Wrap-ups... with a slightly less overwhelmingly bulky form.  These will also be tracked at a separate link here along with other post links for Ani's Book Abyss--end of the page under 'Reading Wrap-Up Posts', sub-heading '2016'.


January Wrap Up // February Wrap Up // March Wrap Up // April Wrap Up

May Wrap Up // June Wrap Up // July Wrap Up // August Wrap Up

September Wrap Up // October Wrap Up // November Wrap Up // December Wrap Up



 - 3 - Create and try to maintain a blogging schedule--including publishing a blog post with significant bookish content at least twice a week (i.e. reviews, first impressions, reading updates... pretty much anything bookish).  I may attempt to create a monthly blogging schedule to plan out my posts for each month.  See the Monthly Update Posts below for monthly progress.


  • January:  Probably some out of control progress.  See monthly update for details.  Maybe if I can maintain this blogging schedule chaos for at least three months, I'll consider it a success... though realistically, I should shoot for six months.
  • February:  Again, some out of control progress, but I think I've got a bit of a routine going now.  I have some ideas to change my calendar a little bit, but it might require some planning.  Otherwise, the goal is still running strong.
  • March:  The fact that I'm still keeping up with this blogging schedule could mean that I'm a little too obsessed with control.  And colors.
  • April:  I've been slacking.  That is all.
  • May:  
  • June:  
  • July:  
  • August:  
  • September:  
  • October:  
  • November:  
  • December:  



 - Bonus Goal - Attempt participating in at least two other monthly/weekly bookish memes.  I am not giving myself a specified obligatory set number goal (again, trying to be a bit more realistic about my goals) and will be content just to participate when I have time.  I will announce which memes I've chosen after doing a bit more research.  These will be tracked here as well as on a separate Monthly/Weekly Meme page I will create at a later time.


  • January:  I have selected one meme and it will launch in February.  See monthly update for details.  Or check out this little teaser linky here.
  • February:  I have launched two memes for February.  The My TBR List meme, hosted by Because Reading, and a Cover Crush on Thursdays, a feature started by Flashlight Commentary.  See my Bookish Meme link for updates.
  • March:  Completed My TBR List and posted 3 Cover Crushes.  Still going good.
  • April:  Same as March.  Still going good.
  • May:  
  • June:  
  • July:  
  • August:  
  • September:  
  • October:  
  • November:  
  • December:  



Reading Goals

To be totally honest, my one and only Reading Goal really should be to finish reading all of the series I've started reading in the past couple years... but we all know I will forever start reading 5 new series to every one series I finish reading.  So really, my goals are already challenging enough.


I will be tracking my Reading Goals here and on a 2016 Bookish Resolutions shelf along with update posts.



 - 1 - Finish reading 10 completed series that I have already started reading.


Running Total:  4 completed series finished reading

  • January:  1 series read
  • February:  1 series read
  • March:  1 series read
  • April:  1 series read


1.  The Elemental Trilogy by Sherry Thomas  -- Completed 1/5/2016

Already Read:  The Burning Sky, The Perilous Sea

#3:  The Immortal Heights -- 1/5/2016 -- Review to come


2.  Death Sworn by Leah Cypess -- Completed 2/23/2016

Already Read:  Death Sworn

#2:  Death Marked -- 2/23/2016


3.  Reboot by Amy Tintera -- Completed 3/9/2016

Already Read:  Reboot

#2:  Rebel -- 3/9/2016


4.  The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater -- Completed 4/28/2016

Already Read:  The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, Blue Lily Lily Blue

#4:  The Raven King -- 4/28/2016



  • Series to Complete

Splintered by A.G. Howard

Already Read:  Splintered

To Read:  

#2.  Unhinged

#3.  Ensnared


His Fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers

Already Read:  Grave Mercy

To Read:  

#2.  Dark Triumph

#3.  Mortal Heart


The Lotus War by Jay Kristoff

Already Read:  Stormdancer

To Read:  

#2.  Kinslayer

#3.  Endsinger


-- TBA series --


-- TBA series --


-- TBA series --





 - 2 - Catch up with 5 ongoing series that I have already started reading.


Running Total:  0 ongoing series caught up with

  • January:  0 series caught up with
  • February:  0 series caught up with
  • March:  1 series caught up with
  • April:  0 series caught up with


1.  One-Eyed Jacks by Cindy Gerard -- Completed 3/25/2016

Already Read:  Killing Time

To Read:  

#2.  The Way Home -- 1/4/2015

#3.  Running Blind -- 2/7/2016

#4.  Taking Fire -- 3/25/2016 -- review to come



  • Series to Catch Up to


Tracers by Laura Griffin

Already Read:  Untraceable, Unspeakable, Unforgivable, Snapped, Twisted, Scorched, Exposed, Beyond Limits, Shadow Fall

To Read:  

#10.  Deep Dark -- Publication on 4/29/2016

#11.  At Close Range -- Publication on 12/26/2016


KGI by Maya Banks

Already Read:  The Darkest Hour, No Place To Run, Hidden Away, Whispers in the Dark, Echoes at Dawn, Shades of Gray, Forged in Steele, After the Storm

To Read:  

#9.  When Day Breaks

#10.  Darkest Before Dawn


-- TBA series --


-- TBA series --



 - 3 - Read 5 completed series that are new to me.


Running Total:  1 completed series read

  • January:  1 completed series read
  • February:  0 completed series read
  • March:  0 completed series read
  • April:  2 completed series read


1.  Sky High Air by Jill Shalvis  -- Completed on 1/29/2016

#1:  Smart and Sexy -- 1/19/2016

#2: Strong and Sexy -- 1/24/2016

#3:  Superb and Sexy -- 1/29/2016


2.  Mann Family by Kate Brady -- Completed on 4/17/2016

#1:  Where Angels Rest -- 4/6/2016

#2:  Where Evil Waits -- 4/17/2016


3.  Lady Julia Grey by Deanna Raybourn -- Completed on 4/25/2016

#1:  Silent in the Grave -- 4/4/2016

#2:  Silent in the Sanctuary -- 4/11/2016

#3:  Silent on the Moor -- 4/15/2016

#4:  Dark Road to Darjeeling -- 4/21/2016

#5:  The Dark Enquiry -- 4/25/2016



  • Series to Read

Voodoo in Mojo by Stephanie Bond

#1.  In Deep Voodoo

#2.  Voodoo or Die


Antiquities Hunters by Kay Hooper

#1.  Enemy Mine

#2.  The Haviland Touch



 - 4 - Participate in at least one Read-a-thon in 2016 (Bout of Books, Dewey's 24 Hour, any personal or community improv/unofficial read-a-thon, etc.)


I will list the post links in this space each time I post about a read-a-thon.  Links can also be found here under the heading 'Reading Challenge Posts', sub-heading '2016'--posts will be titled accordingly.


Goal Completed 1/10/2016 -- I have participated in at least one Read-a-thon in 2016.  I will continue to list any other read-a-thons if I continue to participate in others.


Running Total:  2 Read-a-thon participated

  • January:  1 Read-a-thon participated
  • February:  0 Read-a-thons participated
  • March:  1 Read-a-thon participated
  • April:  0 Read-a-thons participated


Bout of Books 15 -- 1/4/2016 to 1/10/2016

Read-a-thon: Bout of Books 15

Bout of Books 15: Starting Day 1

Bout of Books 15: Day 1 Update

Bout of Books 15: Day 2 Update

Bout of Books 15: Day 3 Update

Bout of Books 15: Day 4 Update

Bout of Books 15: Day 5 Update

Bout of Books 15: Day 6 Update

Bout of Books 15: Day 7 Update and Overall Read-a-thon Wrap-Up


24 Hour Take Control TBR Pile Read-a-thon -- March 12, 2016

24 Hour Take Control TBR Pile Read-a-thon -- Participation Post

24 Take Control Read-a-thon -- Starter Post

24 Take Control Read-a-thon -- Wrap-up



 - 5 - Pick up at least 10 new to me authors (books not pre-listed for my 2016 Reading Assignment Challenge).


Running Total:  10 new-to-me authors read -- GOAL COMPLETED 4/29/2016

  • January:  3 new-to-me authors read
  • February:  3 new-to-me authors read
  • March:  3 new-to-me authors read
  • April:  1 new-to-me author read


Author name // Book(s) Read

1.  Beverly Long // Dead by Wednesday  -- 1/9/2016

2.  Addison Fox // Baby It's Cold Outside -- 1/15/2016

3.  Haruki Murakami // The Strange Library -- 1/22/2016 

4.  Lynn Raye Harris // Hot Pursuit -- 2/4/2016

5.  Donna Kauffman // Where There's Smoke... -- 2/14/2016*

6.  Kate Angell // The Gingerbread Man  -- 2/16/2016*

7.  Vicki Lewis Thompson // Heaven Scent -- 2/28/2016**

8.  E.K. Johnston // A Thousand Nights  -- 3/3/2016

9.  Jessica Day George // Silver in the Blood -- 3/31/2016

10.  Jayne Castle // Bridal Jitters -- 4/29/2016


*novellas are part of The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap anthology

**novella part of Behind the Red Doors anthology



 - 6 - Accomplish my 2016 Mount TBR Reading Challenge goals.  Tackle those books already on my shelves pre-2016!


See My 2016 Mount TBR Challenge summary post for complete listing.  See Monthly Update Posts for monthly progress update.


Running Total:  18 Mt. TBR books read

  • January:  6  books read
  • February:  5 books read
  • March:  4 books read
  • April:  3 books read


1.  The Way Home by Cindy Gerard -- 1/4/2016

2.  The Immortal Heights by Sherry Thomas -- 1/5/2016 - to be reviewed

3.  Hungry Like the Wolf by Paige Tyler -- 1/10/2016 - to be reviewed

4.  The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker -- 1/20/2016

5.  Deadly Strain by Julie Rowe -- 1/24/2016

6.  Snow Baby by Brenda Novak -- 1/29/2016

7.  Hot Pursuit by Lynn Raye Harris -- 2/4/2016

8.  Running Blind by Cindy Gerard -- 2/7/2016

9.  Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin -- 2/12/2016

10.  The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap anthology -- 2/22/2016

11.  The Green-Eyed Doll by Jerrie Alexander -- 2/25/2016

12.  Behind the Red Doors anthology -- 3/1/2016

13.  The Carriage House by Carla Neggers -- 3/19/2016

14.  The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya by Nagaru Tanigawa -- 3/23/2016

15.  The Edge of Night by Jill Sorenson -- 3/29/2016

16.  Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn -- 4/4/2016

17.  Where Angels Rest by Kate Brady -- 4/6/2016

18.  Where Evil Waits by Kate Brady -- 4/17/2016



Personal Goals

I will try to track my progress here as well as with each monthly update post.  Monthly updates will be listed at the end of this summary post.


 - 1 - Clock at least 2 hours of cardio workout each month.


Running Total:  2.42 hours of cardio clocked

  • January:  0 hours of cardio clocked // This was generally not a good month.  More details in the update post.
  • February:  2.42 hours of cardio clocked // I might have stretched the definition of "cardio" this month, but technically, walking is also considered a form of cardio workout, right?
  • March:  0 hours of cardio clocked // There was no cardio done.  But it's only March and I've got even bigger goals amidst these proclaimed goals.  We will continue to persevere!
  • April:  0 hours of cardio clocked // Lazy ass is lazy.  No Cardio was done.
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:



 - 2 - Attempt to work out at least twice a week.  Failing that, attempt to work out at least 8 times a month (which will be met if I can get my lazy ass to work out at least twice a week).


Running Total:  5.5 times worked out

  • January:  0 times worked out // See above.
  • February:  1 time worked out // It wasn't the best workout session, but it still counts.
  • March:  2.5 times worked out // Scattered semi-work outs still count, right?
  • April:  2 times worked out // Scattered semi-work outs to total to two full work outs?
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:



 - 3 - Learn 12 new recipes.  Actually make said recipes.  And take pictures.  For evidence. 


Running Total:  1 new recipe learned

  • January:  1 new recipe attempted
  • February:  0 new recipes learned
  • March:  0 new recipes learned
  • April:  0 new recipes learned


(Recipe name : Post link)

1.  Tomato Basil Soup -- attempted on 1/2/2016 // This was an interesting experience.














 - Bonus Goal -  Be better at being sociable, in general.  Respond to test messages and e-mails from friends, interact with people more often, respond to comments on my blog, etc....  I'm only holding myself accountable for this particular goal in a very vague manner because I know my own penchant for being a hermit and I figure it takes time to create a new, more social habit of talking to people.  See Monthly Update Posts for progress.


  • January:  I guess I commented a lot and read a lot of blog posts... and participated in a read-a-thon... but I really only talked to the people already talk to in real life.  But it was a bad month overall for anything except reading a lot of books and generally being anti-social.  I promise I'll do better next month.
  • February:  I commented on people's blogs.  I hung out with my best friend once.  I had a mini-weekend vacation with my family...  That's pretty much it.  I'm resigned to the hermit life, really...
  • March:  I'm going to die alone.  That is the conclusion I have come to.
  • April:  See Patrick Stewart gif.





Update Posts

2016 Bookish Resolutions -- January Update

2016 Bookish Resolutions -- February Update

2016 Bookish Resolutions -- March Update

2016 Bookish Resolutions -- April Update  (coming soon)

2016 Bookish Resolutions -- May Update  (coming soon)




Again, this is not going to be easy.  And I even made up a few impromptu goals as I wrote this post--I had previously spent two weeks brainstorming goals, rewriting goals and trying to figure out what would work best for me, but what would also be a good challenge for me.


And this is what I came up with.  Personally, I'm more looking forward to my Personal Goals with hopes that this will help me a little bit, improving my lifestyle habits--especially getting into a routine of working out and getting back into healthier form.


But I'm absolutely giddy about tackling my Reading Goals.  Because I get to make more lists!!


And also, as we can see, I've already spent too much time elaborating on this post's format and how I'm going to track and list my goal accomplishments, etc....  I have the distinct feeling this goal tracking business might get a little out of hand...


Wish me luck and have a grand, happy new year to everyone!