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This read-a-thon is in conjunction with the March Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge. However anyone can join. All you need is a pile of books, an ereader or audiobooks released before March 1, 2016. The idea of this thon is to read only books from your TBR pile for 24 hours. You can choose to read during the daylight hours or you can get jacked up on Caffeine and go the distance. The idea is to have fun, reduce your TBR pile and make new friends.


So much for trying to catch as much reading as I could manage in this 24 hour time period.  My progress for this 24 Hour Take Control TBR Pile Read-a-thon can be summed up in one picture:



As much as I hate to admit it, there are times when you just CANNOT find time to read a single thing.  Some die hard readers say that you don't "find time" to read, you "make time" to read.  Well, I learned first hand yesterday that sometimes you just CANNOT.


Every time I tried to pick up a book, something else would come up.  I DID make time to read a bit before going to sleep yesterday morning after my shift and managed about an hour and a half before I realized I was passing out every other paragraph.


I made it three chapters into The Carriage House, approximately 36 pages.  After I woke up, I had other things to take care of, and then during what little free time I had right before heading into work, I just didn't feel the pull to read.


And when you don't feel in the mood to read, you just don't feel in the mood to read, so I worked on some blog posts and a new project.


And thus...


Maybe the next read-a-thon will be better.


Read-a-thon Summary

The Carriage House by Carla Neggers

36/362 pages

approx. 1.5 hours spent reading and maybe some scattered minutes here and there