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The basic gist of this activity is to have others help decide on which book out of three I'm selecting from my TBR pile I should read for the month via votes.  Posts for voting will go up on the first Saturday of the month, the winning book announcement will go up on the second Saturday of the month, and the final book review will go up on the last Saturday of the month.

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Check Out Other My TBR List Participants -- February 2016



After a bit of back and forth, I finally got around to planning how I would go about this monthly meme.  In a way, it sounds like fun, but I'm hoping it doesn't get overwhelming for me since I already have four other books I have to read for the month via my Reading Assignment Challenge.


Nonetheless, let's give it a try, no?  After all, this might be the meme to get me to focus more on books I already own--yes, I'm going to do my utmost best to only include books I already own and whittle that TBR shelf down as best I can.


As a note, this is also one of the two bookish memes I'm using to satisfy my Bookish Resolutions Blogging Goal--the Bonus Goal, to be exact.



February is the month of Valentine's Day for many, and to be honest, even though I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to movies and books, I've never really gotten into the spirit of Valentine's.  Mainly I spend my time going about as if it were a regular day while ignoring everyone else's "Happy Valentine's Day!" announcements.


In keeping with themes, though, (as well as the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to books), I figured I should do a romance themed My TBR List to kick off my pilot participation, because, why not?  After all, I have a few Harlequin books in my possession and some romance anthologies just waiting to be read.



The Books

I also went ahead and put in a personal vote for one of these books, so I'll get to see how majority turns out in comparison to my own personal vote.


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Behind the Red Doors


Authors include:


Door #1-- Vicki Lewis Thompson
Jamie Ruskin never considered using her knowledge of aromatherapy to help her attract men-- until now. This Valentine' s Day, she' s going to get the guy she' s lusted after for years-- rugged Dev Sherman. Armed with essential, sensual oils, Jamie' s planning to seduce Dev' s senses-- and then hope that the rest of him will follow....

Door #2-- Stephanie Bond

Faith Sherman never thought she' d set eyes on her first and only love, gorgeous Carter Grayson, again. So she' s surprised-- and privately thrilled-- when she discovers he' s the new security guard at The Red Doors. At least, until Carter asks Faith to help him pick out a diamond ring-- for another woman... .

Door #3-- Leslie Kelly

Schoolteacher Meg O' Rourke never guessed when she agreed to let " Shear Delights," a trendy new Chicago salon, use her digital photo that her image would be displayed wearing the scantiest, sexiest underthings she' d ever seen. Or that one customer, in particular, would really like what he saw....

There' s someone for everyone...



The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap


Authors include:


For friends Clara, Abby and Lily, only one thing is more delicious than the Pine Mountain holiday cookie exchange; finding the right man before they ring in the New Year!

Where There's Smoke. . . by Donna Kauffman
When flames from a recipe gone disastrously wrong send hunky firefighter Will Mason to pretty Clara Parker's rescue, the sparks really begin to fly! And once Will gets a taste of Clara, he aches for more than just a little sugar from the famously single food columnist. 

The Gingerbread Man by Kate Angell
Folks have always told fun-loving Abby Denton that her anatomically correct Gingerbread cookies are. . .impressive. But those erotic cookies have nothing on the sexy stranger Abby saves from a snowy country road. Could Lander Reynolds be the Christmas treat she's truly been longing for?

Sugar And Spice by Kimberly Kincaid
When caterer Lily Callahan goes up against hotshot pastry chef Pete Mancuso in the bake-off of the season, the stakes are high--and scandalously passionate. Will the gorgeous gourmand steal Lily's heart--and the top prize in the Christmas cookie competition.



Not Another Blind Date


Authors included:


These Valentine's Day dates have all the markings of blind-date disaster! Or do they?

Skin Deep by Janelle Denison
Who says nice girls can't have fun? And Jayne does—dirty dancing and a lot more!—with a hot bad boy one night. Still, it was a onetime thing. Really! But when she's set up on a blind date with her sexy stranger, she realizes Cupid must have other ideas….

Hold On by Leslie Kelly
Shy Sarah Holt has a bad case of unrequited lust. She's hopelessly enamored with a client—sexy Steve Wilshire. So, when she gets the chance to impersonate the very kissable doctor's blind date, she takes it….and has the most torrid night of her sheltered life. But will Steve still be "holding on" when the truth comes out?

Ex Marks the Spot by Jo Leigh
Oh, no. Paige Callahan just got set up on a blind date—arranged by her ex-boyfriend! But potential catastrophe turns into flirty fun—and then some!—when she meets sexy, very wealthy Noah Hasting




Let's Vote!

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Thanks everyone!