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Top Ten Resolutions We Have For 2016




First of all, I know I already made a nice big, long, challenging Bookish Resolutions Challenge.  But one of my resolutions was that I would participate in the Top Ten Tuesday meme as regularly as I can.  So while this post seems a little repetitive, it's helping me fulfill a challenge goal, so I'm going to run with it.


The following list, however, is really just a general Top Ten Resolution post, not necessarily bookish.


And to make things easier on myself, I am not obligated to complete these resolutions, but they really are just here because I know I NEED to accomplish certain tasks.


Rambling aside:



I resolve to...


1.  Clean up and rearrange my desk.  My desk is my bookish/blogging work space, more than anything else nowadays.  I was never very good at logical organization when it comes to my personal space, even during my college days when I had a lot of homework and study to do on a regular basis.  


In fact, the most organized part of my work/study life had always been on my laptop/computer where every file (papers, notes, power print presentations, etc.) had their own proper file names, folders, and whatnot with categories and even an index in another word document somewhere.


Despite the fact that there IS a sort of artistic organized chaos on my physical desktop, it's still a big mess.  Maybe I can put that kind of effort into my physical work space as well.



2.  Become more active in the BookLikes community:  More reviews, more commenting, more meme participating...  Because I'm really good at being an anti-social hermit, but would love to find time and people to talk books and blogging and a lot of other things in general with.



3.  Complete my Mount TBR Reading Challenge this year.  Mainly, I know I need to tackle all the books that are already in my possession.  I have a very extensive digital bookshelf and a continually growing physical bookshelf.  There are books I bought years and years ago that I haven't even touched yet.  And there are books I don't really want to keep, but I'm resistant to giving away until I've read it and gotten my money's worth.



4.  Work out on a regular basis--form a routine.  See Bookish Resolutions Challenge: Personal Goals.  This is an ongoing resolution every year as well as an ongoing battle.  I'm lazy and a physically not-quite-active person with a need to get back into good health and lose a few pounds.  I'm just not very good at sticking to my resolutions, which is why I created a challenge goal to keep myself on track as well as accountable for my own resolutions.



5.  Cook more.  Learn new recipes.  See also Bookish Resolutions Challenge: Personal Goals.  I DO like to cook, even if not as much as I like to eat.  But I appreciate the value of a wonderful meal and the effort that goes into creating said wonderful meals.  It's like art, really--being able to combine different ingredients with different tastes into something delicious and pretty at the same time.


I would love to be one of those people, who can taste an unfinished product and know exactly what needs to be added to make it great.  I'd love to look at a few ingredients and think of a tangible platter to feed the masses with.


But the truth is, I'm a sucky cook.  So, this year, I resolve to do something about it and practice until I can make even the simplest meals without fretting that I've forgotten the salt or that I added sugar instead.



6.  Finish reading as many book series I have already started reading as possible.  See also Bookish Resolutions Challenge: Reading Goals.  This is another one of those ongoing goals every year.  Because every year I start a new series, or read another first book in a series, and every year I fail to finish reading those series before becoming drawn to another one.


Honestly, this is an endless cycle.  But we can work on it every year, right?  And slowly move our way towards decreasing the number of series I am currently reading.  Right?



7.  Read (or start reading) one of the following series:  The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier, The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb, Miss Marple Mysteries by Agatha Christie.  I see these as intimidating series/books for many reasons; and these aren't the only series/books I see as intimidating, of course, there are others I haven't listed.  But I'd love to be able to start reading these at some point in my reading life.


The closest I've come so far is owning the first ten Wheel of Time books and having read the first few chapters of Eye of the World before college studies got in the way.  And I also own Daughter of the Forest and have plans to starting that book sometime this year.


Why are these intimidating series to me?  Beats me, but it feels overwhelming just thinking about reading them.  Yes, even the three book Farseer Trilogy.



8.  Keep up with a Blogging Schedule.  For as long as I can manage.  See also Bookish Resolutions Challenge: Blogging Goals.  I'm already starting a sort of blogging schedule on a spreadsheet with things planned and statistics and whatnot.  I'm even keeping cursory blogging plans on a physical planner as well.


We shall see how things go from there.



9.  Read some nonfiction.  At least a couple of somethings nonfiction.  Maybe.  I have at least four or five nonfiction works on my shelves and one audio book.  At some point in my life, I'm sure I'll be able to get into them.  Nonfiction just hasn't been my thing since college.



10.  Complete all my reading challenges.  Simple as that.



Bonus Resolution:  Clean out and reorganize my closet.  I'm sure I'm long overdue to do as much.  I've got clothes to give away and lots of organizing to do.





Well, that was relatively painless, I guess.  Happy New Year to everyone!