Love Irresistibly - Julie James

This might possibly be my favorite Julie James novel thus far (though I still have two others to read and one more coming out in the summer of next year). As a contemporary romance (books that I don't really read all too often) this one just hit all the right spots for romance, humor, and heart-warming tingly feelings. I even laughed out loud several times with dialogue or antics from the characters that caught me off-guard in that awesome way that makes me love reading!

Witty quips, sassy lawyers, and a U.S. Attorney with "knock-em-dead", attractively hot personalities... It almost makes me want to go back and reread the first three FBI/US Attorney books so that I can do some re-evaluating and new comparisons to see if this really WOULD be my favorite Julie James book. After all, before Cade Morgan and Brooke Parker, Nick and Jordan had been my favorite couple.

You know, I MIGHT do just that and start from the beginning once I've finished what's already out for this series. I have a feeling I'm going to love the first three books even more now that I've eternally formed a biased love for anything and everything written by Julie James. (Yes, despite the fact that I wasn't all too impressed with her debut novel that I had recently read, Just the Sexiest Man Alive, I can't say that it wasn't enjoyable or entertaining.)

Brooke and Cade just radiated chemistry of every level possible. They are such a hot couple together and at the same time also such a perfect couple and oh so entertaining. Individually, they shine well on their own in their separate circle of friends.

And that's the thing I've come to appreciate about a Julie James book. The characters are all written well, even if they are all modeled as perfection. But even among those same witty, intelligent, good-natured, yet sarcastic character personalities, they each manage to be unique in their own ways.

Cade seemed like the standard male protagonist in a romance novel when we first met him in the previous book About That Night, but getting to know him in this book was just too delightful for words. He's got his own brand of humor as well as his own inner conflicts beyond the good looks and successful career.

I had so much fun reading this sweet and breezy romance that despite some brief moments of straying attention, I'm still going to place it as a personal favorite and ignore everything else that might have gone bad with it. The characters in this particular book are so great with each other, between Ford Dixon and his two roommates and the little brother, Zach who was just downright adorable.

I'm not gonna lie. I'm really looking forward to summer 2015 for Ford's turn in the spotlight.  And not just because he's been pretty good about being the best friend as well as the fact that he freely uses the word "penis" on several occasions throughout the book.

Old favorites showing up also made my day with this one: Cameron, Jack, Nick, Huxley, Rylann, and especially Sam Wilkins with his very brief appearance. You know, I wouldn't mind too much if we could get a Sam Wilkins story at some point in time--THAT'd be pretty awesome!

And now there's a new guy to look forward to meeting, front and center: Vaughn Roberts in the next book following this one. I had been hesitating to spend anymore money, but It Happened One Wedding isn't going to read itself.


So much for finishing up some other reading lists I've begun... though to be fair, It Happened One Wedding really is on one of my several reading lists.


On one last note, I have highlighted several really good scenes, lines, and dialogue exchanges that I feel the need to share, but I'm not quite sure I should clutter up this "review" with.  This post already sounds like the mad babbling of a rabid fangirl who doesn't quite know how to word properly how much love goes into this book and this series and this couple.





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