Love Irresistibly - Julie James

Not that I ever forgot, but with just the first chapter, I continue to remember why I love Julie James.


That was her third breakup since starting Sterling.  She seemed to be in a pattern with her relationships, where everything was great in the beginning, and then somewhere around the four-month mark things just kind of fizzled out.  The men would give her some speech about not getting to the "next level," or about wanting "more" than hot sex at midnight after a long workday.


"Hold on.  A guy said this to you?"  Her best friend, Ford, had looked both shocked and appalled by this when they'd met for drinks after Breakup Number Two.  "As in, someone with an actual penis?"


"Two guys now," Brook had said, her pride admittedly wounded at being dumped again.  "I don't get it.  I don't put any pressure on these men, I'm happy to give them all the space they want, and the sex is good enough.  What else could your gender possibly want in a relationship?"


"Beer and nachos in bed?"


"This is the advice you offer, your sage insight into the male perspective?  Beer and nachos in bed?"



Julie James announced not long ago that her next book coming in summer of 2015 (which is why I decided that I needed to get a crack on reading the rest of her books) will be starring Brooke Parker's snarky best friend Ford Dixon.  For some reason, this little piece of dialogue made me giggle, and not because of the fact that we're barely a chapter in and someone's already used the word "penis".


Or maybe it's because he used the word "penis" after barely being introduced in this book.  I mean, it's not like this was the most earth-shatteringly funny exchange I've ever read in a Julie James novel, but I'm already liking Ford and hope he shows up a lot more in this book.  Now I'm also kind of enticed to wait at the edge of my seat until the next Julie James book gets published in May of 2015, even if it won't be part of this series.


Of course, I also need to get to finishing the rest of the Julie James books I haven't read yet.




There were some parts of the first chapter that I kind of zoned out on, but I've no doubt that I'll enjoy this book.  Cade Morgan was introduced in the previous book, About That Night, and he seemed like a witty, unique kind of guy... I guess, no different than the rest of James' male protagonists.  The point is that they've all got their own form of wit and intelligence, and the dialogue in James' books are always so much fun to read.


Despite the disappointment that was her debut novel, Just the Sexiest Man Alive, it still had her trademark sarcasm, wit, and dry humor.  So I'm inclined to continue enjoying any and all the rest of books written by Julie James.


Also, Brooke seems like she'd be a fun one for Cade Morgan to tango with.