2014 Romantic Suspense Reading Challenge


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After realizing that I'm in a Romantic Suspense phase right now (strange how things happen), I found this Reading Challenge and decided to join in with the fun.  I already have a big long list of different books that I will be reading this year anyway, so I might as well up the ante and start a reading challenge to see how well I do.


Although the goals for this one seems a bit on the mediocre side, I should overestimate myself.


The Goal is to read 10 Romantic Suspense Novels.


Novellas and full length novels count.


Seems kind of skimpy for a Reading Challenge, but then again, I might drop off of my Romantic Suspense phase at any time without finishing ten books.  So I shall employ a "wait and see" strategy.


Though at present, I've already read three books that qualify for this challenge.  If I finish early, I might start making up my own rules and keep increasing the goal for number of books by ten... or something like that.



My List:

Completed:  42/10

1.  Midnight Caller by Leslie Tentler -- Review

2.  Midnight Fear by Leslie Tentler -- Review

3.  Edge of Midnight by Leslie Tentler -- Review

4.  Whisper of Warning by Laura Griffin -- Review

5.  To the Edge by Cindy Gerard -- Review

6.  To the Limit by Cindy Gerard  -- Review

7.  To the Brink by Cindy Gerard -- Review

8.  Over the Line by Cindy Gerard -- Review

9.  Under the Wire by Cindy Gerard -- Review

10.  Into the Dark by Cindy Gerard -- Review



See also: 2014 Romantic Suspense Challenge Shelf



CHALLENGE COMPLETED!  As of May 9, 2014, I've finished reading 10 Romantic Suspense novels!


6/3/2014 -- Completed 20 Romantic Suspense novels.  See shelf for list of titles.

6/29/2014 -- Completed 30 Romantic Suspense novels.

8/10/2014 -- Completed 40 Romantic Suspense novels.


I'm going to continue updating the number, but I'll refrain to listing them.  Other books read for this challenge can be found on my Romantic Suspense Challenge Shelf linked above.