Whisper of Warning - Laura Griffin

I wasn't really expecting to enjoy this one much after the first few chapters -- I couldn't quite not be annoyed with Courtney for a duration. I didn't care for her much from the first book, and as I had stated before, I started reading this Glass Sisters two-book series because it is supposed to be a lead-in to the Tracers series that I'm interested in. Her personality hadn't changed much from the impulsive, reckless, frustration that I had found her to be from the first book, but seeing things from her side of the narration DOES help, even if it doesn't completely alleviate my annoyance of her.

The murder mystery was the only thing keeping me anchored to the book for a while. Because even Will's enigmatic personality -- different, but in a way I can't quite pinpoint whether I liked or not -- wasn't really working for me. So much allusion to sex was being thrown around within the first meeting between these two that it seemed a little forced. I understand that this is a romantic suspense and romance and sex plays a pretty big role in the story line. But it still felt a bit awkward for Will to already be falling head-over-heels for Courtney so early on, especially while he's investigating her.

Stranger romances have happened I guess.

Of course, I had the distinct feeling that the entirety of this world hinged on whether or not everyone would finally get their sexual tension relieved at some point.

Anyway, towards the midpoint of the story, I surprisingly began to become more drawn to the characters. For some reason, they just seem to stand out more and Courtney's impulsive personality and her recklessness wasn't all too bad. In fact, it was kind of refreshing to follow a female character who wasn't completely a sweet, girl-next-door, self-sacrificing type. She might have had some moments of stupidity that kept putting herself in danger, but I can't deny that she's also quite quick on her feet and resourceful.

And Will still comes off... just, different... still in a way I can't quite pinpoint. And still in a way that I'm not certain I know how to feel about.

Nonetheless, I did end up enjoying Whisper of Warning. And to be honest, it might have helped that Will comes off as a better male hero in this book than Jack had from the previous book in the series.

However, there is also an awful lot of hidden dialogue that throws around insults and stereotyping that didn't quite sit well with me.