The Demon King  - Cinda Williams Chima

I'm not going to lie. I really, really resent this book right now.

And I've started this post four times because I can't seem to find the right words to describe the struggle I felt while reading this book. It was boring and monotonous.


Sure, the writing was great and the details were plenty... but sometimes you CAN have too much detail. I'm sure I was drowning in detail to the point where I physically said aloud: "Why do I care?"

I like to see myself as fairly tolerant when it comes to books. I have a pretty average standard and can overlook certain aspects in exchange for other traits a book may display more favorably.


The world had potential: Seven Realms, wars going on, a rich back-history of conflict, a legendary warrior queen who saved the world, some snippets of human drama between opposing groups of people who hate... well, just because the hate has been expanding for generations. There is a lot of potential in this world.

But I'm not sure if I could find anything in The Demon King that was to my liking at all. I didn't like the characters (except maybe Prince Liam Tomlin, what little appearance he makes with his witty banters and nonsensical responses), there appeared to be very little direction in the story line, despite the fact that you knew exactly where the story was headed, and (I repeat) there was too much info dump.

To me, the entire book felt like a prologue of sorts -- as if this one book was the build-up and back story behind the true story that has yet to begin.

So I resent this book, but not for all the things mentioned above; I resent this book because of the fact that the actual story doesn't even really begin until the end. Things actually start to get intriguing in the last 20% stretch of The Demon King.

If I cared enough, maybe I could overlook the first 80% and be happy to continue the series. I'm not sure if I'm feeling as generous right now though.



This book was read as part of my 2014 TBR Pile Challenge hosted by Roof Beam Reader.





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