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This was definitely a fun experience!  I love the feeling of binge reading an entire series, even if said series is probably still ongoing.  Because now I have something to look forward to when Maggie Shayne publishes the next book in this series.  I'm so excited!

As a refresher, I'm re-posting the series I chose along with my updated review links.  For the Goodreads series page screen shot, please scroll to end of the post.

This was a fun and lovely series I really, really enjoyed, and I look forward to the next time our lovely hosts present this challenge, because I'm game for it!



My Series Pick


Brown and de Luca series by Maggie Shayne

Completed Reviews:  (updated on 8/12/2016)
1.  Sleep with the Lights On -- Read 08/02/2016
2.  Wake to Darkness -- Read 08/07/2016
3.  Innocent Prey -- Read 08/09/2016
4.  Deadly Obsession -- Read 08/10/2016
novella:  Dream of Danger -- Read 08/03/2016
*above links will go to my reviews for each book || the series title above links to the GR series page



GR Series Page Screenshot


And as requested by our lovely hosts, here is a screenshot of the goodreads series page, showing all the books I read for this series!