... because my typical library haul is, oh, so much more overwhelming...


At least it used to be.  I've been trying really hard not to pick up ever book I see at the library just because I "OMG!  Really want to read this!"  Because doing such things will always overwhelm my "Currently Reading" list of books and I either end up not reading something I'd been wanting to read, or putting something off for a longer time, or getting no sleep whatsoever.


Usually it's option number three.




I'd been wanting to actually buy Stars Above by Marissa Meyer, but for some reason, checking it out from the library seemed like the thing to do.  So I put it on a hold request as soon as I saw that it was on order by the library.  Now I'm going to read it, because I'd been looking forward to reading it for the longest time.


Who knows?  Maybe I will add it to my collection of books later on.


To be fair, Marissa Meyer had made a few of these short stories available as a free read during the time that the four Lunar Chronicle books were being published.  They might still be.  But I've already read four of the short stories and so I will technically only be reading through the new short stories in Stars Above.  So... I guess I'm not really going to be reading the entire short story collection.  But we won't split hairs like that, will we?  :P


Anyway, looking forward to the next few reads on my "reading schedule".  I've got several other books on my hold request list and a few other books I'm looking forward to the publication of this month and next.


A Vision of Fire is a bit odd in this collection, but I picked it up because it's part of my Reading Assignment Challenge this year--one of four books I intend to read for the month of March.


And also, aren't these book covers gorgeous?



Books pictured above: