The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap by Kauffman, Donna, Angell, Kate, Kincaid, Kimberly (2014) Mass Market Paperback - Donna,  Angell,  Kate,  Kincaid,  Kimberly Kauffman

"Oh no, you did not smuggle your X-rated gingerbread men into the community center.  The community center filled with families.  With children."




"Yes, Lily," Clara said, "Abby put gingerbread men with peppermint-stick peni--"


"Shh!" Lily whispered, so severely heads turned once again.  "Don't you dare say that out loud."


I'm not gonna lie.  The anatomically correct gingerbread men description was already given in the summary blurb, but I didn't expect it to show up so soon in the first chapter of the first story.  And my curiosity is quite piqued.


What do anatomically correct gingerbread men look like?


(Hint:  I did a Google search.  It gave me interesting things.  In the interest of keeping this community kid-friendly, however, I won't post any pictures.  But feel free to follow my lead and do some googling of your own.  Also, I got a bit more curious and also googled erotic gingerbread men.  THAT was an interesting search as well.  Did anyone else know that there's a published book called The Cookie Sutra?)




Hopefully more than just mentions of erotic cookies will catch my attention--I swear, I am totally NOT a perv... most days.  Donna Kauffman's story Where There's Smoke... is the first in line with the first protagonist Clara Parker.  And so far, the little novella is turning out quite enjoyable.


I'm eager to see where the rest of this leads, because there's also mention of a firefighter somewhere in the summary blurb, and I love me some firefighters.  XD





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