Practice Makes Perfect - Julie James

A typical Julie James Contemporary Romance with her standard witty and intelligent characters. There is fun banter and fun humor. There were faults and flaws that got me a little frustrated and then there was a bit of monotonous happenings nearing the end, but it's a good thing I enjoy Julie James books for specific reasons even if not for the full extent of the storyline by itself.

Enjoyable nonetheless.

I had intended on letting myself sit on this book for a little bit of time and then writing a somewhat formal review. But in the end, I just couldn't come up with much more to say about it.

Julie James excels in her witty banter and intelligent, sophisticated characters. Sure, they sometimes come off a bit "high-society" and maybe a bit GQ at times, but enjoyable is enjoyable and I do not deny that I tend to have a lot of fun reading a Julie James Contemporary Romance even if it isn't exactly my favorite genre in the world.

Overall: At the sake of repetition--Enjoyable is enjoyable. Fun and witty is fun and witty. Even if the story line isn't all that inspiring (and sometimes tends toward the standard formulaic), a good crew of characters will often do the job to make me overlook all sorts of negatives. And witty banter is always a plus.




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