Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman

I have the attention span of a goldfish sometimes.  I have started three books within the timespan of three days.  Despite the fact that I find the other two books interesting, my mind seems to be flitting.  It also doesn't help that I was on a mission to find a good audio book to listen to during a road trip.


Listening to sample clips throughout Audible, I came across the BBC radio adaptation of Neverwhere and immediately thought, "James McAvoy?  I like James McAvoy..." and then proceeded to listen to the sample clip at an even more curious level because... well, James McAvoy!.  What I listened to of the radio adaptation was fairly different from the other audio book narrations I had listened to before and I liked it pretty well.  Having a full cast audio with sound effects and James McAvoy seemed to bring everything more to life.


And due to the BBC radio adaptation audio book, I decided that I kind of wanted to read the book since it has been touted as having much more of Neil Gaiman's creative imagery than the audio book had presented.


And so...


So far the book seems entertaining enough.  Neil Gaiman surely has an awesome sense of creativity and I like the detailed narration and the strange sense of whimsical nonsense.  The fantasy is piquing my curiosity enough to want to finish reading the rest of the book, hopefully in time to go on my road trip and listen to the BBC radio adaptation (with James McAvoy!).


The characters are weird though and I'm having trouble connecting.  Nonetheless, this book seems to be quite enjoyable and fun so far.