Falling For Her Fiance (Accidentally in Love #1) - Cindi Madsen

For what it's worth, this was a breezy, enjoyable read, but it sped by like every other simple contemporary romance ever written:

The couple is a pair of best friends struggling not to cross that dreaded "friends only" line into a deeper relationship even though they're both pining after each other. Complications arise when they make the decision to pretend to be engaged for their own reasons. Antics ensue. A big misunderstanding laced with the fact that no one ever bothers to communicate with each other properly occurs. Angst ensues. Big realizations abound. Happily ever after.

It's not spoilery territory if everyone knows what the outcome will end up being, right? Because it's the same formula as the rest of the romances that use the same cliched plot device. It's in the way the author does the telling and whether or not he or she can present with something more unique than the same ol' formula. And most of the time, I enjoy myself the same cliched tellings just because they're fun and they're tried and true and they work.

So it's only unfortunate that there wasn't really anything that stood out about Falling for Her Fiance. Which is totally not the fault of the book, or the story, or the author. I just figured that I was maybe looking for something that stood out uniquely aside from carbon-copy standard protagonists and the same old conflicts and story developments.

The humor was mediocre to almost tacky. None of the other characters stood out much either, which is a shame because I would have at least liked to have enjoyed myself with a lovable side character since I found Dani and Wes kind of boring.

Nonetheless, I do appreciate the friendship between Wes and Dani--as friends they were definitely a fun enough pair and it would have been nice to explore their friendship from day one, when they first met in a college history class. As a romantic couple, however, there were many times you just wanted to shake them both and tell them to get over themselves already and make-out until one of them gives in.

Anyway, this was enjoyable on its own merits, but it just didn't really work out too well for me in the end.