If She Only Knew - Lisa Jackson

This book is written well and the mood is set properly, but there wasn't really much story to speak of. I enjoyed it well enough, but while the story progressed and things are revealed, it still feels like a whole lot of nothing continues to happen.

The ending is what ruined the book for me--everything just kind of fell together without real reason and tied itself up in a neat little package that I could still see a bunch of holes in.

I will continue to read Lisa Jackson if only because I found her writing style agreeable, and because I'd like to test another of her novels before I write her off or anything like that.

This was just a typical drama-filled murder mystery that I kept imagining having some sort of overdone, soap opera soundtrack accompanying it. It was entertaining, at the very least, even if I really only managed to finish it because I was curious enough to see how Jackson would tie the story together--the mystery was fairly predictable from Day One.