On the Fence - Kasie West

I'm not feeling the usual dry humor and quick wit that I've picked up from Kasie's other books.  But the set-up with Charlie, her brothers, and possible love interest (?) Braden is already presenting pretty nicely.  I'm looking forward to seeing some development in Charlie though, because at this point she doesn't seem like an ideally relatable girl.


I mean, sure, she's a tomboy and she grew up with a bunch of guys and she can take them on like the best of them... but she's coming across kind of... well, spoiled and selfish... and a bit bratty.


But no matter, I'm flying through chapters quickly and expecting the best from Kasie West!  I'm sure things will even out and get better, because I have that much faith in this author.  And even if they don't come out to my liking, I'm still enjoying the subject matter and the characters and the interactions and the writing.


am, however, missing the typical sarcasm undertones.




On a side tangent:  (Circa The Distance Between Us)


Here's a little excerpt that caught me by surprise.  It was a pleasant surprise.  And also, will we get to see more of them?


She bit her lip.  "There's a store two doors down.  A little clothing store owned by a lady named Linda.  You should try there.  Tell her Sky Lockwood sent you."


I kind of like when we get to see old favorites from previous books!


We walked down the sidewalk and passed a doll store.  "Oh, you so need to go in there," Gage said.  I noticed the girl working inside was beautiful-- of course.  Next time I went job hunting I was leaving my brother at home.  He opened the door and a bell announced our arrival.  When we stepped in, I realized this store was either on the verge of closing or on the verge of opening.  Boxes lay open all over the floor and were being packed... unpacked?


"Oh," she said when she saw us.  "Hi.  Sorry, we're closed.  Xander must've left the door unlocked."  She handed us a card.  "But if you're looking for a doll, that's our website.  We're going mobile."


OMG!  It's Caymen!  Doll store?  Xander?  Yay!