Troubled Waters - Sharon Shinn

This is certainly in the middle of a chapter and not much of a stopping point, but I couldn't resist an update when I unexpectedly laughed out loud at a line of dialogue.


As much as I've been enjoying the writing, the characters and the world, the story itself has been fairly slow-paced and felt too drawn out with little details that, while interesting enough to include, didn't feel like it was adding much to the progression of the book.


I was a little disappointed that I was beginning to become bored with Zoe's day-to-day activities as she lived in hiding from the rest of the world who might know her identity.  It took quite some time before I even really understood where the story was headed and when the truth of Zoe's heritage came about, I might have sighed in relief that the story was finally picking up.


So it doesn't surprise me that I found delight in a single line that came out of all the monotony from the first half of the book when Zoe's hired attendant, a friend she'd made during her days of hiding, shouted:


"Careful with that, my boy!  You don't want to ruin the prime's fine underthings by getting them all dirty, do you?"


This was certainly unexpected, but not unwelcome, as I had been wondering whether or not there'd be some random humorous bursts to come soon.


Anyway, that was pretty much it for my update.  Now that the story feels like its found its way, I'm looking forward to seeing where the progression heads in the last half of this stretch.