Troubled Waters - Sharon Shinn

Curiosity leads me to read the first chapter of books I'm interested in, even if I'm still in the middle of other books that need to be finished.  And this is definitely an interesting start to the story, despite some of the complicated world-building you get flooded with in the beginning.


Nonetheless, nothing like hearing:  "I must take her back to Chalto with me, so she can marry the king," right after your father's funeral to pique some anxious interest.


I barely glanced the summary blurb and wasn't sure what kind of high fantasy adventure to expect and was getting confused with a lot of the world's terminology, but I'm definitely interested in what's going on now.


So glad I checked this out from the library... on top of the seven other books I've checked out from the library.  And here's hoping the book doesn't disappoint.