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I love the library!  Doesn't everyone, though?  


And despite how much I love holding a book in my hand, or simply visiting out local libraries just to browse, I also love the convenience of having a decently large selection of library books in e-book format which is slowly increasing its size regularly.


It's pretty awesome for me since I work third shift and sometimes can't work my way around those darned businesses with daytime hours.  Of course, our local libraries don't close until 8PM on weekdays, but sometimes there are other things that need to be done first and so it's a pretty tight squeeze to run errands and then make time for leisurely library browsing.


Or I'm just making up excuses and am sometimes just too lazy to leave the house -- that happens too.


Nonetheless, these selections just became available through my local library's e-book site, so I'm off to read them.  And to think, just three hours ago when I woke up I was wondering what I would read next, having myself a massive frowny-faced headache about not knowing what to read next.  Yes, those moments happen too.


Also, tomorrow, I'll actually physically visiting the library with my best friend who wants to pick up our next Mini Book Club selection now that she's finally finished reading The Book Thief.


Anyway, I believe that after finishing this pile of reads, I will have read every book Maria V. Snyder has written so far (minus some of the side stories involved in the Study series -- I'll get to those some other time).  Somehow, this woman's books have managed to wriggle themselves onto my radar and into my heart.  They're written fairly averagely at best, but the world and the characters have some kind of charm to them that I love.


Sometimes, that's all I need.


Anyway... off to my suddenly busy reading schedule!!!