Aaaaaand.... I'm ready to tackle the new year with a new Reading Challenge.  Last year I set my goal at 50 books, but then I reached my goal halfway through 2013.  Granted, there were also some "cheat" books in there: lots of young adult novels that were short, lots of cheap Amazon romances that were short (short as in, 100-ish pages or less), and a few novellas.  So I guess, technically, I could do better.


I changed my challenge from 50 to 100 in October and reached 101 books altogether.  So... in my own twisted logic, since I had intended to read 50 books last year anyway, then I more than made up for the short stories, novellas and such with a total of 101 books read...  Right?






I promise I'll do better this year.


So I'm setting my 2014 goal at 100 books and hoping that I can surpass THAT number with flying colors!  I'm planning all sorts of book reading challenges for this year (participants = me alone), including re-reading some old favorites and marathon-ing some completed series, and finishing up other trilogies and series that have already been completed, or are due for completion this year.


I've got PLANS!!!  And I intend to make the most of my time reading!


I'm already excited.


On top of that, I'm hoping that I can get motivated back into writing reviews again.  I'm back-logged by about five reviews I'd been planning (two of which are LOOOOOONG overdue and may not see the light of day, even).  The holidays takes a toll on you, and I've just been too lazy and exhausted to want to do any writing outside of these little bites of personal news as a means of procrastination.


Go figure.