Heart's Blood (Roc Fantasy) - Juliet Marillier

So I know I've yet to write anything more about The Scorpio Races that had been the first mini book club pick for me and my BFF.  It just so happens that I've been extremely lazy and extremely busy and extremely distracted all at the same time.


Reading other books, watching some old Asian television reruns, and generally being lazy and sleeping in on cold days has been quite routine for the past couple weeks.  Winter time and end of the year holiday ish does that to me.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


Nonetheless, here's a quick update about the second book that BFF and I chose for our December book (we've decided to choose one new book each month for our mini book club funsies!).


Heart's Blood was BFF's choice.  Although, once again, I have a feeling she's more interested in the aspect of having a book club read-a-long more so than the actual book we're reading.  She had very quickly nodded to two other books with: "Yes.  That one, we're reading that one," up until I finally caved and gave a finality to the choice.


I... may or may not be a bit stubborn about the books I personally want to read.  And since Heart's Blood is a fairy tale retelling based on Beauty and the Beast as well as a book I'd been interested in for some time now, I may have been a bit more willing to say yes to this choice.


I promise, next time I will more readily agree with what BFF wants to read.


Anyway, onto Heart's Blood:


I had a little trouble getting into the book from the beginning until Caitrin joined the household up on the Whistling Tor.  And so it took a little longer for me to finish our initially agreed upon five chapters of reading before our first book club session.  And even then, with all my distractions, I ended up a bit behind.


And so we didn't quite have a book club session so much as we just sat back and agreed that maybe we should finish the entire book before the end of the year and then find some time to sit down and discuss it in all its glorious entirety.  


However, the main point we both hit on for Heart's Blood is that, despite having fairly neutral feelings for the characters so far, we both absolutely LOVE way that the book is written, for one, and the way the setting, atmosphere and descriptions are given.  The way that the fortress of Whistling Tor is described and the feel of the entire village and community: the library, the garden, the hall of mirrors, the village at the bottom of the hill...  The way it's written is just so beautiful!


I can honestly feel myself being drawn to the fortress itself and yearning to be in Caitrin's place, as a scribe in that neglected library where I would do nothing but sort, translate, transcribe, and pretty much fix up the entire area.  It sounds really attractive, in my own nerdy way.


I'm glad we selected this book.  Despite not quite getting into the story itself, I'm still finding myself enjoying it a lot.  And hoepfully I'll continue to enjoy the rest of it as I have plans to read more books by Juliet Marillier after this one.