The Diviners - Libba Bray

And very slowly at that.


I'm still having trouble getting into this book.  Maybe I'm trying too hard and over-analyzing.  But I have little thoughts throughout and since I'm not feeling that urgency to continue reading immediately, I stop and take the time to write things down.


So far, I'm not feeling it.  Aside from a few instances where we delve into some religious and supernatural matters, I'm not sure I care what's going on.  Even after the murder happened, the progression of the "mystery" (a word I use tentatively since we already KNOW who's doing the killing) every event and action is still being paced at a very slow rate.  There are moments when I just want the story line to get on with it: with the investigation, with the use of Evie's divining powers, with the explanation of why I even care that there are others in the city who have special supernatural powers...


As far as characters go, I'm also finding it hard to relate with ANY of the characters at all.  I like Jericho fine enough, but he's kind of boring right now.  I liked Uncle Will when he first appeared, but he's starting to annoy me a little bit.  Evie, I'm still indifferent about; I don't like her, but I don't hate her either.  And I still don't understand the significance of Memphis, because his side story keeps coming up randomly.


Also, there seems to be no element of surprise in this book despite the fact that I feel like certain instances keep building up to a possible surprise secret... but then the very next scene or chapter, the maybe-surprise is given away as if the reader couldn't come up with that conclusion without extended explanation.


I'm a little disappointed.


I'm not certain how much longer I'm going to stick with this book before I finally give it the toss.


And in the meantime, I've found myself starting three other books, looking for something that will catch my attention.  I need to finish 7 more books to reach a hundred by the end of year (even if some of them ARE shorts...).