Scent of Magic - Maria V. Snyder

This series so far certainly has a very fast-paced, go-go-go type of progression to it.  It's to the point where I don't have time to really think about the little quibbles that cross my mind, as well as the few instances of cringing I do at some of the dialogue and the narration.


Also, the flipping back and forth from Kerrick to Avry's 1st person POV is a little distracting.  I'm not certain that I like it or that it's working very well.  There was even a point where I felt like I didn't really care what was going on with Kerrick, even though his part of the story is probably important in the progression.


This isn't to say that I'm not enjoying it.  I DO appreciate Avry's kickass-ness, as a main character.  She just almost seems way too perfect sometimes though.  Nonetheless, I like her.


So overall, I'm keeping up with the story pretty well, so far and I don't have too many complaints yet.  The few complaints I DO end up having, I tend to forget after a couple more pages, so I'm just going to let those go.