Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy) - Jennifer Estep

Maybe it was because I wasn't feeling well or something, but these are the words that went through my mind as I read through chapters 2 and 3:  "You are becoming increasingly boring to me."  


Here is a case where too much telling is going on and not enough action, because honestly, I don't need to know what kind of tomato sandwich you're fixing yourself within the context of a whole paragraph.  And I also don't really care to know the stereotypes of each and every student type at your school.  We could have covered your entire back story in one chapter or less, honestly -- I'm not much for info dumps.


So far, Gwen comes across as hypocritical: she resents that she's stereotyped as a poor Gypsy girl and assumes that people are scrutinizing her unfairly, but she does the same thing to everyone else.  She's judgmental and makes her own stereotyped assumptions of the rest of the students.


Also, for a girl who doesn't seem to care about the popularity spectrum, she sure does know a lot about it.


Anyway, maybe I'm jumping the gun and I need to read a little further before I solidify my opinions, but it's not looking good unless some action starts happening -- like a mystery mission or a murder or something...


Gonna see how far I get before I have to return the book tomorrow though.  Then it'll be set on hold until I can check it out from the e-book library again.