Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken

It had taken me a couple months to formulate more than one paragraph as an official review for the first book, The Darkest Minds, so I don't doubt that it'll take a while for me to write, re-write, and re-assess my thoughts on Never Fade.

For now, it's a pretty simple, straight-forward gush, mainly for the characters of this book that kept me going and will continue to keep me going onto the next book. I pretty much enjoyed the same things about this installment that I did from the first. Ruby is a nice development in progress, and I love her more than I did before. There are new characters introduced whom you ALSO come to love, and then there are the old characters you still love.

The conspiracy of this dystopian is revealed more and more, but it doesn't seem like anything we weren't expecting.  Honestly, the political conspiracy and the baddies conflict kind of bored me. This is definitely a character-driven story, which doesn't really bother me in the least.  Others may not appreciate it as much; I just happen to really love character interaction in all forms.

Anyway, review to come, hopefully soon.