Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy) - Jennifer Estep

This has been sitting idle since I checked it out from our local library's e-book collection about two weeks ago.  But since I was in a stubborn mood to finish Lumatere Chronicles and have been piddling around catching up with some good ol' American television, I'm just now getting to it.


So far it seems interesting (I'm a fan of urban legends, hidden worlds, secret schools... stuff like that), but I am going into this book with little expectation, so if it turns out that it's not to my liking, at least I won't be too disappointed.


It's a short 300 or so pages of book, so shouldn't take long to finish... unless I lose interest and drag out my reading time (which tends to happen even with the shortest of books).  Have to return it to the library in five days though, so at least there's a deadline to give me some motivation.