Why Do Dramas Do That? Part 1 - Javabeans, Girlfriday

Well, it wasn't what I was expecting (not all of it), but I still had fun reading through this little "guide" for K-dramas.  Some sections I kind of hoped would have been a little bit longer with some more examples from dramaland, but we take what we get, right?


Still, it was just as entertaining as it usually is reading from the Dramabeans blog, and for that, I'm satisfied.


As I said before, I will read anything these ladies churn out, even if I don't always agree with some of their opinions.  They are witty and creative and that, for me, is just enough.  I mean, sometimes reading their drama series recaps and reviews are just so much more fun than actually watching the drama series itself.


Looking forward to Part 2 now, which I'm sure won't be far behind.





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