... and sometimes life in general.  But whaddya gonna do?


I noted the handy 'import' option that would pull all of my info from Goodreads, but by then I'd already started posting some already written reviews.  So I'm just going to continue doing this the old fashioned way.


Besides, a lot of my older reviews probably could use some proper editing and re-writing, so in the meantime, I might take some time to go over them again before I officially repost them here at BookLikes.


I always keep a copy of my reviews saved to different files (around the internet via Google, or right on a handy flash drive), so I'm not worried about losing information attributing to all the Goodreads chaos going on right now.  For one, I have an even more complex personal book filing/cataloging system making use of Excel spreadsheets and lots of post-it notes and multiple hand-written lists that need to be transcribed onto computer...


I've never been a very active Goodreads member (I'm not a very social person in real life OR in the internet world), so a lot of the stupid changes going on over there probably don't affect me as much as it does others.  But that doesn't mean it doesn't bother me and it doesn't mean that I don't think Goodreads created a cluster of crappiness with its latest stunt.  I've just always loved the place since back in 2011 when I first joined and have found joy in so many, many new books I would have never come across without Goodreads, and so many, many awesome reviewers and bloggers who give great insight into books I've read and books I've yet to read.


So it's a little disappointing to see what's been going on lately.


Goodreads was a great place for me to find my next big read; but now you have to worry about the integrity of reviews if we're being told what we can and can't express our opinions on concerning a review.  I like to know why people didn't like a certain book just as much as I like to know why people loved that same book.  It's not like I have an endless supply of cash to spend on EVERY book that sounds even remotely interesting to me based solely on the blurb alone... or from all the raging fandoms out there who want you to read such and such book because it was just "The greatest book ever!"


I've been burned once -- I assure you, it's not pleasant to go into a book with high expectations and realize that you should have just left said book alone in the first place.  I honestly promise that I don't go into a book purposely trying to find fault in it so that I can dislike it... (well, maybe I've done it once, but I had already warned my friends who were fans of that book that I wasn't interested in the genre, the plot, OR the celebrity status of that book).


Then again, guess that's what the library's for...


But that's all I'm going to say on the subject.  I've gone completely off-topic, as I always do, and now I don't even remember the point of this post in the first place.