The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa

And then some as well...


I have no delusions that I may actually finish this book.  Although, anathema to my own personal policies about books, I went ahead and skimmed some of this one and found it to be exactly as we may predict.


This is going to be a fun and breezy, completely romance based "Ash's journey to fulfilling his romance with Meghan" type of deal, isn't it?


I thought so.


Being that I had trouble supporting their love story in the first place, I'm not sure if I'll be able to take this book very seriously.  So, just as a minor notice:  I'm going to try to read this book, but there will be no review written for it.  If I don't finish this book, this time around, I may come back to it later after I've had time to... digest The Iron Fey series properly.


As far as this book is concerned, chapter 1 isn't bad and coming from Ash's POV might be a refreshing reset for me, seeing as how I'm not a big fan of Meghan.  We still get that magical adventure feel coming through from the Fey world, so at least that won't be a disappointing front.


And since we're also getting a trio adventure with Ash, Puck AND Grimalkin, I'm willing to give it a go for a bit longer (at least until I have to return the book to the library, that is).