Inhuman - Kat Falls



I've got a few quibbles going, but so far the book has managed to hook me.  And it happened almost immediately.  I'm taking this as a good thing unless the book ends up proving otherwise (yeah, redundancy = my blogging fail, but whatevs).


Delaney seems like a legit, standard butt-kicking main female character.  And I like the hints of her father subconsciously training her for travel in The Feral Zone.  That's always fun -- to secretly develop your child into a kick ass hero without even letting her know.  Which, honestly, makes me wonder if Delaney might be a bit slow on the uptake, but we'll see.


Director Spurling is one of those characters you hope will get shot by the end of the book.  Or that her face will get eaten by a mutant, Ferae infected, sickly dog or something... you know, like one of the ones she's putting in harms way just so she can blackmail Delaney.  Yeah, pulling that kind of stunt always puts you on my shit list.  Then again, I didn't really like her from moment one when she was first introduced, so sue me.


What else...  We'll probably never see him again, but I had a feeling Orlando would turn out to be a douche.


And moving onto Everston Cruz...  keeping an eye on that one, I am.


So far so good.  I'll probably end up finishing this book within the next two days.