I finished reading Pamela Clare's Sweet Release as my first book for the first square: "Author is a woman."  This was yesterday, but due to sporadic internet issues at home, I hadn't been able to do a proper update.  But here it is now, my first dice roll!

Meanwhile, I decided to just keep my updates simple, so there probably won't be an elaborate table or anything.  Just the update board with my Dino Baby marker:


I'm too lazy to "Rawr" today...



BookLikes Snakes and Ladders

Since my book fit the square prompt, I rolled two dice with my nifty dice roller app and got a six.  Moving to square #7 (see board above for Dino Baby marker position), the prompt is: "Author's last name begins with the letters A, B, C, or D."


This prompt is PERFECT!  The next book on my reading list was going to be Pamela Clare's next Kenleigh/Blakewell Family trilogy book, Carnal Gift.  Cheers!



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