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I'm going to hijack some ideas, and just going to keep a simple track of my tasks and points and whatnot here.  With so many things going on, I haven't had a lot of time to really think about how I would present update posts for the 16 Festive Tasks, but I DID start a tracking summary page at my Blogspot, if anyone is interested.


Chances are, I will just copy and paste and repost whenever I make an update, with an updated news bite at the beginning of each update.


I'm glad to be back among the living here at BL, and will hopefully be more active for this last half of the game!



My Progress

Points Earned:  6
Books Read:  4
Tasks Completed:  2

Currently Reading:

  • Forensics by Val McDermid

Upcoming Tasks:

  • Square 3 | St. Martin's Day -- Wine and a book!!
  • Square 5 | Advent -- My youngest brother and a Master's degree!!
  • Square 8 | Hannukuh -- The Dreidel game and the next read!



The Tasks


Square 1: November 1st: (Día de Muertos / All Saint’s Day / Calan Gaeaf)

Book for Día de Muertos and All Saint’s Day:  

  • Read:  Frost Line by Linda Howard and Linda Jones // ROYGBIV cover // review pending // +1 point

Book for Calan Gaeaf:  

Planned Read:  All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater // roses on the cover

Task for Día de Muertos and All Saint’s Day:  Undecided

Task for Calan Gaeaf:  Undecided



Square 2: November 5th: (Guy Fawkes Night / Bon Om Touk)

Book for Guy Fawkes Night:  Undecided

Book for Bon Om Touk:  

  • Possibile Read:  A Lady by Midnight by Tessa Dare // Spindle cove setting near the sea // possible choice for this square // review pending // ?? point

Task for Guy Fawkes Night:  Tea and Books! // +1 point

Tasks for Bon Om Touk:  Undecided



Square 3: November 11th: (St. Martin’s Day / Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day)

Book for St. Martin’s Day:  Undecided

Book for Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day:  Undecided

Task for St. Martin’s Day:  Wine and a book!! // post pending

Task for Verteran’s Day/Armistice Day:  Undecided



Square 4: November 22nd and 23rd: (Penance Day / Thanksgiving Day)

Book for Penance Day:  Undecided

Book for Thanksgiving Day:  Undecided

Tasks for Penance Day:  Undecided

Tasks for Thanksgiving Day: I am thankful for... and a new book! // +1 point

Bonus task:  Share your most hilarious turkey-day memory.  -- Skipping this one --



Square 5: December 3rd and following 3 Sundays: (Advent)

Book for Advent:  Undecided

Tasks for Advent:  My youngest brother and a Master's degree!! // post pending

Bonus task:  Make your own advent calendar and post it.  - Undecided



Square 6: December 5th-6th and 8th: (Sinterklaas / St. Martin’s Day / Krampusnacht / Bodhi Day)

Book for Sinterklaas / St. Martin’s Day / Krampusnacht:  Undecided

Book for Bodhi Day:  Undecided

Task for Sinterklaas / St. Martin’s Day / Krampusnacht:  To be determined

Task for Bodhi Day:  To be determined // post pending



Square 7: December 10th & 13th: (International Human Rights Day / Saint Lucia's Day)

Book for International Human Rights Day:  Undecided

Book for Saint Lucia's Day:  Undecided

Task for International Human Rights Day:  Undecided

Task for Saint Lucia's Day:  Gettin' my Hygge on!  With chocolate! // post pending

Bonus task:  Make the Danish paper hearts: -- Going to try this one at some point!



Square 8: December 12th - 24th: (Hanukkah / Las Posadas)

Book for Hanukkah:  Undecided

Book for Las Posadas:  Undecided

Task for Hanukkah:  Spin the Dreidel book selection! // post pending

Tasks for Las Posadas:  Undecided

Bonus task:  Make a piñata (, hang it from a tree, post, basketball hoop, clothesline or similarly suitable holder and let your neighborhood kids have a go at breaking it. -- Probably not going to do this one.



Square 9: December 21st: (Winter Solstice and Yaldā Night / Mōdraniht / Yuletide)

Book for Winter Solstice and Yaldā Night:  To Be Determined

Book for Mōdraniht:  Undecided

Book for Yuletide: 

Task for Winter Solstice and Yaldā Night:  (Something planned) // post pending

Bonus task:  Read a book in one night. -- Totally going to attempt this one!


Task for Mōdraniht:  Undecided

Bonus task:  Post 3 things you love about your mother-in-law (if you have one), otherwise your grandma.


Task for Yuletide:  Undecided



Square 10: December 21st: (World Peace Day / Pancha Ganapati)

Book themes for World Peace Day:  Undecided

Book themes for Pancha Ganapati:  Undecided

Task for World Peace Day:  Not sure yet

Task for Pancha Ganapati:  Thinking about it



Square 11: December 21st-22nd: (Soyal / Dōngzhì Festival)

Book for Soyal:  Undecided

Book for Dōngzhì Festival:  

  • Possible Read: The Dragon and the Pearl by Jeannie Lin // Chinese author
  • Possible Read: My Fair Concubine by Jeannie Lin // Chinese author

    Task for Soyal:  Undecided

    Task for Dōngzhì Festival:  (something planned) // post pending



Square 12: December 23rd: (Festivus / Saturnalia)

Book for Festivus:  Undecided

Book for Saturnalia:

  • Planned read: The Lost Night by Jayne Castle // sci-fi book that takes place in space

Task for Festivus:  Undecided

Task for Saturnalia:  ???



Square 13: December 25th: (Christmas / Hogswatch Night)

Book for Christmas:  Undecided

Book for Hogswatch Night:  

  • Possible read:  The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett

    Task for Christmas:  Undecided

    Task for Hogswatch Night:  Undecided



Square 14: December 25th: (Dies Natalis Solis Invicti / Quaid-e-Azam / Dies Natalis Solis Invicti)

Book for Dies Natalis Solis Invicti:  

Book themes for Quaid-e-Azam:  Undecided

Tasks for Dies Natalis Solis Invicti:  Undecided

Tasks for Quaid-e-Azam:  Undecided



Square 15: December 25th-26th: (Newtonmas / Boxing Day / St. Stephen’s Day)

Book themes for Newtonmas:

  • Current Read:  Forensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About Crime by Val McDermid // Flat Book Society November group read

Book themes for Boxing Day/St. Stephen’s Day:

  • Read:  Any Duchess Will Do by Tessa Dare // duke employs paid servants in his household // review pending // +1 point

Tasks for Newtonmas:  (something planned) // post pending

Tasks for St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day:  Baby in a box? // possible post pending

BONUS task:  Box up all the Christmas detritus, decorations, or box up that stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of, or donate, etc. and take a picture and post it.



Square 16: December 26th-31st:

Book themes for Kwanzaa:  Undecided

Book themes for Hogmanay / New Year’s Eve / Watch Night / St. Sylvester’s Day:  Undecided

Tasks for Kwanzaa:  Undecided

BONUS task:  Create something with your stack of books: a christmas tree or other easily identifiable object.


Tasks for Hogmanay / New Year’s Eve / Watch Night / St. Sylvester’s Day:  Undecided

MASSIVE HUGE BONUS POINTS if you post a picture of yourself walking a pig on a leash. (Done to ensure good fortune of the coming year.)

-- Baby dressed as a pig on a leash??  =D



Surprise Tasks / Bonus Tasks

Surprise, Surprise Bonus #1 - Melbourne Cup Day, the Race that Stops a Nation!
11/05/2017:  Pick three of the ponies listed for this task to bet on, then wait and see what the outcome is.  Host, Murder by Death will announce the results and award points for any winners!

My Picks:  1) Wall of Flame // 2) Nakeeta // 3) Ventura Storm
Winners:  1) Rekindling // 2) Johannes Vermeer // 3) Max Dynamite
Points Earned:  0