Tokyo Zodiac Murders (Detective Mitarai's Casebook) - Shika MacKenzie, Soji Shimada, Ross MacKenzie

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders

by Soji Shimada

This is the first time I've used our local library's interlibrary loan option.  If I had known it was that easy, I would have started doing it a long time ago--I always thought it was much more complicated.  But I didn't even have a hold fee or a request fee when I went to pick it up, and the only caveat is that I can't renew it and must return it in a timely manner.

It looks like I have three weeks until I have to return it, or there's a one dollar late fee per day.

I was going to decide what to start reading based on the first Bingo call, but I think I'll try to start this book as soon as I can, based on these loan conditions.  I have a feeling this may not be one of those "breeze through in one day" type of reads.

Or maybe it will be.

I will be reading this book for the Locked Room Mystery square.


Meanwhile, I had several other books lined up to start reading, some of them also based on library loan conditions.  I have checked out two other e-books from the library, and they are only 21 day loans.  One book will be for Halloween Bingo, while the other is just a book I'd had on hold request for a long time and it finally became available.

I recently checked out The Camelot Caper by Elizabeth Peters, after submitting a recommendation to the library to acquire it for the library's e-book collection, and it became available pretty quickly, which makes me happy.  I will be reading it for the Cozy Mystery square.


In the meantime, on Friday, my parents, my youngest brother, and I (and Baby!) will be traveling out of town to visit my eldest brother for the Labor Day weekend in Dallas.  Which means that I will need to line up some reading for the duration.


I think these should do nicely, although since I never travel without my Kindle Paperwhite, I will have many, many other books as choices.  For now, it's just two paperbacks, at the least, and whatever e-book strikes my fancy.

The truth is, I have so many options right now, I wish I could just start reading all of them.


I had wanted to start Bingo off with The Decagon House Murders, but since I have the option to renew that library book if necessary, I think I'll set that one aside for now.

I WILL definitely find some time to start one of the audio books I've got lined up, specifically The Nightmare Charade, both for Bingo and for Reading Assignment, and also so I can finish up this trilogy and put it behind me.


So those are my plans for the time being.

I will have one more post published, on Friday--my monthly wrap up--but then I'll be out for a few days.  Unless I decide to bring my laptop with me, and in that case, I'm hoping to finish reading my current read, Quicksilver by Amanda Quick, and have a review posted soon.  Otherwise, I will probably only check in to read posts and see how the start of Halloween Bingo is going!