First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone, and hope you have a great holiday season!


I have been absent on BL for some time, but mainly because I've been in a reading and reviewing slump.  December seems like it has been an all time low for me, reading-wise, and real life has been a bit chaotic as well, thus contributing to this slump.  I'm still lurking in the background, reading posts, liking posts, the likes, but not really posting anything.


As many others are doing, I will probably not be posting here at BL regularly.  Whenever I DID have a review or a post to publish, BL still seemed to be loading sporadically for me.  Things seem to be fine now, but it is definitely getting frustrating.  I had tried to write this post twice this morning, and had trouble loading the page in order to write this post.


Anyway, I WILL continue to lurk on BL, if only because I know many have not given up on it yet, but I will be mainly posting at my own blog and at GR.  I will try to post non-bookish posts here at BL if I can, but otherwise, my activity will be somewhat quiet.


Thank you to everyone for being such a great group and community all this time!


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