Un Lun Dun - China MiƩville

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He pointed near their feet, at an empty cardboard milk carton.  Zanna and Deeba stared at it.

The carton moved eagerly towards them, opening and closing its folded spout.  Deeba and Zanna yelped and withdrew their feet.  It was one of the pieces of rubbish that had chased them earlier.

Nothing like being chased by a pile of rubbish...

And also:

"You're..." he whispered slowly, "in...Un Lun Dun."

The girls waited for the words to make sense, but they didn't.  Hemi was grinning.  "Un Lun Dun!" he repeated.

"Un," said Zanna.  "Lun.  Dun."

"Yeah," he said.  "Un Lun Dun."

And suddenly the three sounds fell into a different shape, and Zanna said the name.


"UnLondon?" Deeba said.

Hemi nodded, and crept an inch closer.

"UnLondon," he said, and reached for Zanna.

Oh.  I see now.




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