A Curious Beginning - Deanna Raybourn

"You will be my newly wedded bride whose family do not approve.  I will say we are in fear of being apprehended by your wicked guardian who was robbing you of your fortune and that we require a place of safety until we can secure the money for ourselves."

"That is a plot straight from a penny dreadful.  No one could possibly believe it.  More to the point, you and I could hardly masquerade as a couple joined in the harmonious state of matrimony.  We seem distinctly unsuited."

Is that a fake marriage/couple plot device I see?  O.O  I'm becoming even more intrigued than I have been since I started reading this book.

I'm much further into the book than I would like to call this a first impression, but to be honest, my impression has only grown fonder as the book progresses.  Veronica Speedwell is such a delight!  She's witty, sarcastic, and resourceful, and blatantly brash and unperturbed by just about anything.

And I love how she's so blunt!

The mysteries have already started off, and we jump into the conflict much more quickly than I had expected, having just recently finished the Julia Grey series, which, in contrast, spent a whole deal of a lot more time building up the setting and the atmosphere than progressing the story lines.

I'm pleasantly ecstatic at how much I'm loving this book so far.

And also:

"What is your Christian name?"

"Veronica," I said at last.

He gaped at me.  "You mean like the plant veronica?  The Plantiginales commonly known as speedwell?  You are joking."

And thus is the life of Veronica Speedwell, I suppose.  *snicker*



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