The River Knows - Amanda Quick

The River Knows

by Amanda Quick

To date, this is probably the Amanda Quick book with the most riveting mystery I've read--in my personal opinion, of course.  I know a lot of other people might disagree.  But I enjoyed every moment of this book and was actually quite in love with how the entire story unfolded.  And I am always ever in love with how quickly books by this author jump right into the action, the excitement, and the intrigue.

When played right, the secret reveals in certain books work really well.  And this was one of the instances I liked in particular.

The only unfortunate thing is that, like all the other Amanda Quick books I've read, The River Knows is not really all that memorable.  I barely remember some of the little details, though I know there were certain scenes that made me laugh or feel happy about.

I barely remember character names within days of finishing the book even though I know I liked the characters.  Louisa was the standard Amanda Quick independent, feisty, resourceful heroine with a heart of gold.  Anthony was the standard romance novel broody alpha male with motives... although if I were to be honest, he really wasn't as broody as I'm making him sound.  In fact, I actually kind of liked his approach to the developing romantic relationship he had with Louisa.  And I actually kind of liked the way some things happened for this couple, in contrast to how most romance novels develop the love story.

So I DID really enjoy reading this book and when I was finished, I gave it a high rating because of how much I enjoyed it, and how much I liked the way the story progressed, and how much I liked the characters and their interactions, and how much I liked the romance despite Amanda Quick's formulaic signatures which I have come to expect and will resignedly, but willingly wave on.

Here's to another non-Arcane Society Amanda Quick book that I thoroughly enjoyed.  May there be more before I get tired of the same stories; although I am also a fan of "tried and true" for those times where I just need an enjoyable book of which employs said tried and true formulas, written well, with readily likable characters to keep me entertained.

I now decree Amanda Quick as one of my go to, absurdly addictive author for when I just need something to read to make me happy!


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