The title speaks for itself.  BOOK HAUL!!

I took my happy ass to the bookstore the day after my birthday.  It was a nice time, though I didn't pick up as many books as I thought I would.  Then again, I might have been practicing a little bit of restraint, still, since I have a huge bookshelf that needs to be tackled, and a small stack of library books that require reading so I can turn them back in.

It's become sort of a secondary, subconscious reaction for me, walking into a bookstore (or even a library) and trying not to pick up every single book I want to read.

My BFF kept telling me to let go of my restraint and shop since it's absolutely justified to spend lots of money for your birthday.

But anyway...

Firstly, a few days prior to my birthday I made use of a discount special on the Harlequin website to pick up a couple anthologies and a short novella.  Not really anything special, but I felt like using the discount and decided to spend a little bit of money.  Jill Sorenson is an author I follow, and the third anthology sounded like it had some cute novellas.

Then, the day after my birthday, I went and bought two books from our Barnes & Noble chain, and three books from one of the used bookstores in town.  It didn't occur to me until later that I should have also paid a visit to our one and only independent bookstore, but that place rarely advertises, and sometimes I forget that it's there.

(Note to self:  Make a point to visit that place more often.  I'd hate for our only independent bookstore to close down otherwise.)

Looks like I pretty much went on a Laura Griffin shopping spree.  Of course, I already have all but two of her back-listed books.  And I've come to love the Tracers series so much that I made the conscious decision to buy the newest release Deep Dark this year.

I also bought myself a new bookmark (a really bad spending habit I have every time I walk into a bookstore), and a little Dr. Seuss notepad.  Both are pictured in the very top photo of this post.

Finally, late at night, I decided to do some more on-line shopping... just because.  I bought all of these books at low prices and also added the Audible whispersync to The Lies of Locke Lamora and Leviathan.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I'm actually kind of looking forward to listening to Leviathan when I get to it--the audio book is narrated by Alan Cumming, one of few narrators I've come to like after listening to the Dracula full cast audio book.

Aside from books, here were some other events of my short birthday night:


Lightly seared Ahi Tuna with an Asian Risotto


Sparkling Rosé Wine


Turkish Delight candies


A Polaroid Camera-shaped Post-It Note Dispenser
(Please excuse the blurriness of the photo, I'm too lazy to retake it)

And yes, there was also cake involved.

And it was a good day!